Curtis Mosby

Rookie (1/30/82 / baton rouge louisiana)

Curtis Mosby Poems

41. What Im Capable Of 5/9/2008
42. Megan Hair 5/14/2008
43. Who Would Do This 5/20/2008
44. Informercial Of Children Seen But Never Remebered 6/7/2008
45. Judge Thier No Sign Of Empathy 6/13/2008
46. Dead Oil Of This Soil 6/22/2008
47. Rise Our Development Of Resources 7/11/2008
48. Hiding Scars In A Bruise Mind 7/14/2008
49. Dust On The Road Of Sand 7/16/2008
50. Memories In My Old Shoes 7/22/2008
51. Time Behind Plexiglass 7/24/2008
52. I Don'T Have A Child, I Have Chidren Know 8/1/2008
53. Poor Support From The American Torch 8/8/2008
54. People Afraid Of People 8/9/2008
55. Stay Beautiful Dream 8/11/2008
56. No Photograph 8/12/2008
57. Date Time & The Day 8/14/2008
58. In The Field Of The Tall Tides 11/19/2008
59. In The Clouds Of A Beautiful Dream. 11/25/2008
60. When Running Never Get You There. 11/26/2008
61. Though Not The Man Of Your Dreams 12/19/2008
62. What A Hell Of Drug To Beat. 3/2/2009
63. Today 3/3/2009
64. Saving Others 4/5/2009
65. Traden Places In The Tradgies 4/9/2009
66. Away I Sail In These Forgotten Tears 4/15/2009
67. When Love Never Stays 4/18/2009
68. Before I Could 4/19/2009
69. Ashe's With The Wind 4/25/2009
70. Im Sorry I Love U 5/1/2009
71. Dawning On Us 5/3/2009
72. Look For Me Early 5/5/2009
73. Never To Late For Heaven 5/8/2009
74. When Love Sometime Leave Memories. 5/10/2009
75. Tugging On Heart Strings 5/11/2009
76. A Man In A Mansion 5/21/2009
77. Once You Were A Child 6/24/2008
78. Written From The Beginning Of Time 6/24/2008
79. Leaving Our Marks In Life 6/25/2008
80. It's Not The Organ 6/27/2008
Best Poem of Curtis Mosby

Face These Words

I shed a tear for a lonely star.
I make a wish and ask a question will my life go far.
I see the sorrow.
Pray so I can see tommorrow.
Because who ever said you would live to be 21.
So many tragedies from a gun.
Mama I blame you for my wicked ways.
But I praise you for saving me from a early grave.
Father was never thier, so I always cried.
But mama hide the fact that my father died.
I never prayed for a brighter day.
My life is dark for my path I never know which way.
I kiss the cross around my neck.
Im just living for respect.
The sin they inject is ...

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To Live Inside My Heart

I gave up everything to live inside my heart.
Life for another was more to me than one could imagine.
I could never stand by and watch a child suffer in sadness.
I would starve and disregard myself for what after i saw.
Every mile out of the way i walk misery pass and talk.
Though you couldv'e seen my bone's you would never
know i was alone.
This is for the one's that aren't strong and need it more than me.
Im hoping i can restore a world that never feeds the poor to believe.

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