Curtis Mosby

Rookie (1/30/82 / baton rouge louisiana)

Curtis Mosby Poems

41. What Im Capable Of 5/9/2008
42. Megan Hair 5/14/2008
43. Who Would Do This 5/20/2008
44. Informercial Of Children Seen But Never Remebered 6/7/2008
45. Judge Thier No Sign Of Empathy 6/13/2008
46. Dead Oil Of This Soil 6/22/2008
47. Rise Our Development Of Resources 7/11/2008
48. Hiding Scars In A Bruise Mind 7/14/2008
49. Dust On The Road Of Sand 7/16/2008
50. Memories In My Old Shoes 7/22/2008
51. Time Behind Plexiglass 7/24/2008
52. I Don'T Have A Child, I Have Chidren Know 8/1/2008
53. Poor Support From The American Torch 8/8/2008
54. People Afraid Of People 8/9/2008
55. Stay Beautiful Dream 8/11/2008
56. No Photograph 8/12/2008
57. Date Time & The Day 8/14/2008
58. In The Field Of The Tall Tides 11/19/2008
59. In The Clouds Of A Beautiful Dream. 11/25/2008
60. When Running Never Get You There. 11/26/2008
61. Though Not The Man Of Your Dreams 12/19/2008
62. What A Hell Of Drug To Beat. 3/2/2009
63. Today 3/3/2009
64. Saving Others 4/5/2009
65. Traden Places In The Tradgies 4/9/2009
66. Away I Sail In These Forgotten Tears 4/15/2009
67. When Love Never Stays 4/18/2009
68. Before I Could 4/19/2009
69. Ashe's With The Wind 4/25/2009
70. Im Sorry I Love U 5/1/2009
71. Dawning On Us 5/3/2009
72. Look For Me Early 5/5/2009
73. Never To Late For Heaven 5/8/2009
74. When Love Sometime Leave Memories. 5/10/2009
75. Tugging On Heart Strings 5/11/2009
76. A Man In A Mansion 5/21/2009
77. Once You Were A Child 6/24/2008
78. Written From The Beginning Of Time 6/24/2008
79. Leaving Our Marks In Life 6/25/2008
80. It's Not The Organ 6/27/2008

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Best Poem of Curtis Mosby

Face These Words

I shed a tear for a lonely star.
I make a wish and ask a question will my life go far.
I see the sorrow.
Pray so I can see tommorrow.
Because who ever said you would live to be 21.
So many tragedies from a gun.
Mama I blame you for my wicked ways.
But I praise you for saving me from a early grave.
Father was never thier, so I always cried.
But mama hide the fact that my father died.
I never prayed for a brighter day.
My life is dark for my path I never know which way.
I kiss the cross around my neck.
Im just living for respect.
The sin they inject is ...

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World Of Women

Women are the world as you feel embrace by thier passion.
The love that control thier heart is everlasting.
The tear's they shed are gift's.
Mourning for live's that can be worhtless and unfit.
In society never forgive or forget.
The beautiful warmth of given birth made by a woman.
Give you a sense of how strong she is in life.
To carry a child for nine month's, is like a flower baring a seed
untill it grow's enough for light.

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