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Curtisj Johnson Poems

41. Missing Dennis 7/9/2015
42. Cash Only Society 7/9/2015
43. Words Of Life 7/10/2015
44. Wonderment (Fiction) 7/11/2015
45. The Way 7/11/2015
46. I Remember When 7/11/2015
47. Rise To The Occasion 7/11/2015
48. The Christmas Stench 7/11/2015
49. The Quest For President 7/11/2015
50. Family Encounters 7/11/2015
51. A Window Person 7/13/2015
52. Loving Life 7/13/2015
53. Poor Sweet Kids 7/13/2015
54. Yes Day 7/13/2015
55. Loving People 7/14/2015
56. Forward In The 60's 7/14/2015
57. Fresh Studies 7/14/2015
58. The Red Jacket 7/16/2015
59. We All Know Better 7/16/2015
60. Mother's Favorite Drink 7/16/2015
61. Cat And Squirrel 7/16/2015
62. Step Up And Finish 7/16/2015
63. Sweet Mixture 7/17/2015
64. What If 7/17/2015
65. Dream Again 7/19/2015
66. Independence 7/19/2015
67. Lord, It's So Hard 7/20/2015
68. Sights And Sounds Above 7/23/2015
69. Train Tracks 7/23/2015
70. One Night In Chicago 7/25/2015
71. My Other Teacher 7/25/2015
72. Nightmares 7/26/2015
73. One Unforgettable Cry 7/27/2015
74. The Coffee And The Kid 7/31/2015
75. Declaration Prayer 7/31/2015
76. A Helping Hand 7/31/2015
77. Letter To Missionay Friends 8/2/2015
78. Dreaming 8/13/2015
79. Wisely Waiting 8/14/2015
80. The Garden 8/14/2015

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True Love

True Love
By Curtis Johnson

The English language does not serve up justice to the word ‘Love’.
It allows for an unrestricted usage relative to the object of our affection. “I love my house, and I love my car; I love my dog, and I love my cat”.

If the equity in my house rises high enough, I will sell it and buy a better one. If my car no longer performs or I desire to have a new one, I’ll sell or trade it. My dog stands by me, and he’s my best friend. My cat is quiet and very comforting.

“I love my teachers, and I love my preachers: I love my parents and my siblings ...

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Flight 1122

by Curtis Johnson

Departing Sacramento, Ca. just past 7: 00 AMPT on a nice Saturday morning, we headed for Chicago.
All is going well as we take off, as the pilot soon announces that we will ascend up to 39,000 feet.

I am now watching the clouds roll back as they seem to hover and move slowly across the hills, valleys, mountains, lakes, and prairies. We continue to climb so very high above the clouds, and above us is only sky.

A bit later now, I am beginning to see mount

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