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161. Right Things For Right Reasons 4/24/2017
162. An Introduction 4/1/2016
163. Resolutions 12/9/2015
164. Don't Stop, A Letter To My Wife 11/17/2015
165. Grace Will Be Dancing 10/10/2015
166. For What, And Why? 9/15/2015
167. The Church I See 9/21/2015
168. Dear Barbara 9/10/2015
169. The Apple Tree 8/26/2015
170. Country Sweet Soul 8/6/2015
171. Above And Beyond 8/10/2015
172. 24 Hours 8/10/2015
173. I Believe In You-A Letter To America 8/11/2015
174. Winter On Display 8/13/2015
175. 36 Years 8/3/2015
176. Lovers On The Coast 6/22/2015
177. Not Forsaken And Unforgotten 6/22/2015
178. A Little Boy's World 8/25/2015
179. True Love 9/29/2015

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True Love

True Love
By Curtis Johnson

The English language does not serve up justice to the word ‘Love’.
It allows for an unrestricted usage relative to the object of our affection. “I love my house, and I love my car; I love my dog, and I love my cat”.

If the equity in my house rises high enough, I will sell it and buy a better one. If my car no longer performs or I desire to have a new one, I’ll sell or trade it. My dog stands by me, and he’s my best friend. My cat is quiet and very comforting.

“I love my teachers, and I love my preachers: I love my parents and my siblings ...

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America 101

America 101
By Curtis Johnson

When I was born in 1949, Harry Truman was the President of The United States. Of course I do not personally remember him. Mr. Truman was followed by Mr. Dwight Eisenhower, but I don’t remember him either. However, the first President that I recall was Mr. John Kennedy who was elected in 1960. Therefore, in my lifetime I have experienced 12 U. S. Presidents,10 of which I remember from my childhood of about 10 years of age until the present. I am now 65 year

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