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161. Within His Eyes 12/3/2016
162. Angelic Christmas Dreams 12/3/2016
163. Come Find Me In My Solitude 12/5/2016
164. Unforgetable Delta Blue 3/13/2017
165. Where I Want To Go 3/13/2017
166. Dixie Born 3/13/2017
167. Sweet Inspiration 3/13/2017
168. Next Page 3/25/2017
169. That Day Is Gone 3/28/2017
170. Flight Training 4/10/2017
171. Delta Dixie 4/18/2017
172. Right Things For Right Reasons 4/24/2017
173. Keep Moving On 5/11/2017
174. Mama Was 35 5/13/2017
175. A Stranger And The Sky 5/13/2017
176. Happy Birthday America 6/29/2017
177. My Father's Oldsmobile, Ode To America 7/4/2017
178. Demented Intent 7/19/2017
179. Ode To America 7/31/2017
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BY Curtis Johnson

In a community deep in the Southern land of feed corn and cotton
The more basic things of life are best treasured and unforgotten

Newspapers and Radios, Jack Rocks and Jump Ropes, Pop Whips, Hide and Seek
In child’s play, we sang our lines; we closed our eyes and did not peep

Checkers and Old Maid, Red Wagons and Hula Hoops; Boys with pockets of marbles
All these and more, when kids never had to be afraid of armed bandits and robbers

Rubber Balls and Home Made Bats; having fun running and rolling rubber tires
All these...

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America 101

America 101
By Curtis Johnson

When I was born in 1949, Harry Truman was the President of The United States. Of course I do not personally remember him. Mr. Truman was followed by Mr. Dwight Eisenhower, but I don’t remember him either. However, the first President that I recall was Mr. John Kennedy who was elected in 1960. Therefore, in my lifetime I have experienced 12 U. S. Presidents,10 of which I remember from my childhood of about 10 years of age until the present. I am now 65 year

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