Cynthia Aluning

Rookie (08-30-60 / Metro Manila, Philippines)

Biography of Cynthia Aluning

Cynthia Aluning poet

A Filipina who wishes to excel in whatever forms of arts - an outlet for self-expression...a pen and quill mightier than a sword and gun. She is well educated and as early became a professor of Economics for some time (pleasing her father's wish) only to find out later it was not her passion. She had experimented the world of showbiz in character roles, having penchant for latin/ballroom dancing, and is a freelance published writer not necessarily as a vocation but an avocation.

Cynthia Cangco Aluning is the full name, a.k.a. chitcyn

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Coming soon: New Age Inc. Anthology Book (next edition)

Latest News: preparing manuscripts for Publish America

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Yours in rhythm and rhymes,
Cynthia Aluning
(updated April 11,2006) Updates

Dreams Are My Reality

It's night again...
Am I so blue
Never felt to sleep
Since I met you
For when I close
My eyes to sleep
Its only you
I always see

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