cynthia Routen

Rookie (May 19,1992 / Kodiak alaska)

Biography of cynthia Routen

cynthia Routen poet

hey, my names cynthia but everyone calls me cyndi. I was born in Kodiak, Alaska on May 19,1992. I have lived in Alaska all my life and i have written poetry since i was 7. A passion for poetry or maybe just for freedom of expression has always run in my family. i love to wrestle and play sports as well as read. I've been called complicated, morbid, and I've also been called closed off.I am working on graduating high school so i may begin basic training to join the proud of all the men and women who have stood on the frontlines of war and given their lives for our freedom.....i pray each night that our troops will return home successful and alive....thank you and god bless you all Updates


locked up by the judgemental glares of all the people she thought she knew. confined to a world of dark cold seclusion and silent screams for help. no one listens to a shattered child, they just walk on by not giving a damn if the young girl dies. starved of affection she shivers all alone waiting for the world to open their eyes and see what their

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