Cynthia Sok Comments

Cori Schmidt 20 April 2005

Hey, she is a very good poet that's why I'm doing my school assignment on her..............I also write poems but they aren't that good but here is one anyway Every moment I wait by the phone The sooner my heart shall turn to stone Every moment I wait at your door The lonier I get I'm losing sleep at night remebering all the things I'm trying to forget I think I've bit off more than I can swallow After all these pictures of pain I can't paint a perfect tomorrow So I sit in my room and take your picture out of the frame And think to myself it's my fault things are like this I can't stop thinking of when we shared our first kiss I can't get you out of my head Ever since you left I've become so lonley Can't you see? ....................I love you Yeah I wrote that^^^

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