Cynthia Sok

Rookie (4/21/90 / USA)

Cynthia Sok Poems

1. Leave 3/5/2005
2. Last Thoughts 3/8/2005
3. Lies 5/2/2005
4. Remnants Of The Soul 7/21/2005
5. Hope Of No Existence 7/22/2005
6. Death 7/22/2005
7. A Child Filled With Emptiness 7/22/2005
8. Doesn'T Matter 1/13/2006
9. Fear 1/15/2006
10. Regret 1/15/2006
11. Dead Man's Walk 7/22/2005
12. Puzzles Of Tears 7/22/2005
13. Live Is To Die 1/17/2006
14. Can'T Take It Anymore 1/17/2006
15. Stuck 1/17/2006
16. Dam This Day 1/17/2006
17. I Don'T Know Why 3/17/2006
18. Wasted Happiness 3/24/2006
19. Fragile Heart 5/18/2006
20. Black And Gray 1/24/2007
21. Sweet Hatred 3/2/2007
22. Snippets Of Time 6/2/2007
23. Envy Of Me 6/2/2007
24. A Dream Come True? 6/2/2007
25. Turn Back The Clock 6/2/2007
26. Requiem Of Broken Answers 6/2/2007
27. Enough 6/2/2007
28. Season Is To Life 6/2/2007
29. Words 6/2/2007
30. Paper 6/2/2007
31. Rendezvous 6/4/2007
32. Ruptured Script 9/22/2007
33. A Crimson Mask 12/4/2007
34. In Ashes My Tears Now Lie 10/13/2006
35. Catch A Falling Star.. 5/6/2007
36. Ignorance Is Bliss 6/2/2007
37. Birth At Fault? 6/2/2007
38. Mandatory? 6/2/2007
39. Remedy 6/12/2007
40. Skipping Stones 3/11/2005

Comments about Cynthia Sok

  • Cori Schmidt (4/20/2005 12:56:00 AM)

    Hey, she is a very good poet that's why I'm doing my school assignment on her..............I also write poems but they aren't that good but here is one anyway
    Every moment I wait by the phone
    The sooner my heart shall turn to stone
    Every moment I wait at your door
    The lonier I get
    I'm losing sleep at night remebering all the things I'm trying to forget
    I think I've bit off more than I can swallow
    After all these pictures of pain
    I can't paint a perfect tomorrow
    So I sit in my room and take your picture out of the frame
    And think to myself it's my fault things are like this
    I can't stop thinking of when we shared our first kiss
    I can't get you out of my head
    Ever since you left I've become so lonley
    Can't you see? ....................I love you
    Yeah I wrote that^^^

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Best Poem of Cynthia Sok

Life Abide Death

life abide death
death abides the law of life

abide the law of life
and death will abide life

abide the law of death
and death will abide life

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Cruel words
stab me deep
anger and fear
begin to seep
guilt begins to rise
the poison has begun its course
no one knows the source

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