Cynthia Ward

Rookie (Toronto, Ontario)

Biography of Cynthia Ward

Cynthia is painter and installation artist. She has been educated at the Alberta College of Art and Design, the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Calgary. She has taught in University and High School. Cynthia started writing poetry three years ago producing one poem every 3 months or so until the suicide of one of her students in 2006 caused the muse to come and live with her permanently. She is addicted to school and if she had more money and about 100 years extra added to her lifespan, she would get degrees in every subject. Updates

Field Day

We were sniffing
gelatinous potatoes soiled
by brown gravy and lumpy cheese.
You chose the lunch.
I went along with the fries
from an old fear of ending up dead
and trapped between two slices of bread:
a childhood hunch about the end coming
in a confusion of ground beef, flies,

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