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Biography of Cynthia Yildirim

Cynthia Yildirim age thirty-one is author of the book 'Garden Pleasures' a book of poetry. She is a Technology, Art, News and Science lover and resident of Florence, Alabama. Mother of four great children and avid reader. Ms. Yildirim also enjoys Social Media and you can you can find her on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Youtube, Google Buzz, Myspace and Reddit. Feel free to send her a friend request and share some of your poetry. Don't forget to download Ms. Yildirim's ebook here on Poemhunter that contains sixty one of her delightful poems. However, if you would like to read all of Cynthia's poems then check out the book on - Cynthia Yildirim's poetry cover topics from love, religion to politics. Don't forget to leave a comment and rating to let her know what you think.

Cynthia Yildirim's Works:

Garden Pleasures, a book of my poetry and political rants. Available at http: // ISBN=0-7414-3865-8 for $13.95 +S&H or get it on or Updates


Rannato at the grotto
Stole a pipe from Divo
Stuck it down his pants
The women went into a trace
The men chased him thus

Poor Rannato!

Rannato at the fair