Cyrus Diaz
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24 April 2015
1."Writing is a passion, an unwrapped gift bestowed long before we were born." By Cyrus A. Diaz 2.'Curiosity and doubt are our driving forces to venture into the unknown." By Cyrus A. Diaz 3. "In each of us, there's always a great knowledge and ideas waiting to be unfold. Ideas that are brilliant as the sun and knowledge good enough to make a man." -By Cyrus A. Diaz 4."The concept of time delay is beneficial. It allows us to re-assess, re-evaluate, re-refer and reflect about what we really want and to perhaps make another choice.' - By Cyrus A. Diaz 5."Change the way you think and you will completely change every circumstances and events in your life." By Cyrus A. Diaz 6. 'What you think will also appear as your life.' By Cyrus A. Diaz 7. "Being positive or negative is always a conscious decision.' By Cyrus A. Diaz 7."Our brain takes control of our body functions, learn to manage the way you think and you will manage your life'. By Cyrus A. Diaz 8."It doesn't matter how much you love her, what matters most is the way you make her feel you love her." By Cyrus A. Diaz 9. "Life is a series of turning points." By Cyrus A. Diaz 10. "He who doubts others doubts himself too." By Cyrus A. Diaz
24 April 2015
Cyrus Diaz Quotes Part 14 161. 'Success and giving helps you live but it can't help you when you die, but surely salvation you will satisfy.' By Cyrus Diaz 162. 'Don't mind how troubles bristle, even roses comes with a thistle' By Cyrus Diaz 163. 'Painting and books in many aspects are of equal importance: it takes you farther from your limited world of imagination and it nurtures the human soul.' By Cyrus Diaz 164. 'A poem a day is a tedious hobby for it drains the brain as it drains the veins.' By Cyrus Diaz 165. 'Life is an investment; doing good is your capital and the profit of eternal life is eternal.' By Cyrus Diaz 167. 'Our body is made up of material things; it's our soul's momentary dwelling. So what's essential, your body or soul? Your answer will decipher where you will be' By Cyrus Diaz 168. 'No one can redeem your soul not even your wealth, not even your achievements, your acquaintance, the kings, prophets not the saints and the powerful of the earth, noting that you have done, nothing of your own. there's nothing you can do for only God can spare you. ' By Cyrus Diaz 169.'Nevertheless, we don't admire what we can't comprehend.' By Cyrus Diaz 170. 'You can only appreciate the craft of a poet when you write poems yourself.' By Cyrus Diaz 171. 'Certain people come into our life or a reason, to give us a lesson.' By Cyrus Diaz 172. 'Jeweleries and accessories are just but bedeck, others show for power and pride.' By Cyrus Diaz 173. 'Honors are just but temporary fame and titles are just but an empty name.' By Cyrus Diaz 174. 'Politics is a ridiculous game.' By Cyrus Diaz 175. 'In your circle of friends, only few are truly, only few will stay.' By Cyrus Diaz 176. 'A poet is an insane being who scorned eyeglasses and loathe reading.' By Cyrus Diaz 177. 'Only the poet and he alone mean what he meant.' By Cyrus Diaz 178. 'Nothing in that entwined Bond will eternally last because everything our life including, Will come to pass.' By Cyrus Diaz 179. 'Dishonesty is betrayal, synonymously.' By Cyrus Diaz 180. 'Honesty, seven letter words yet hard to spell some find it quite hard to tell - only with sincerity one will be compelled.' By Cyrus Diaz 181. 'Accept who you are recognize your own beauty identity isn't a need, your identity should be your own a better person you will be known.' By Cyrus Diaz 182. 'Death comes peacefully like the soft white smoke that comes - unnoticeable, in a minute or two, diminished quickly.' By Cyrus Diaz 183. 'Commitment is a covenant we make; a contract we made between our friends, loved ones and our self.' By Cyrus Diaz 184. Love precedes commitment; you cannot love without committing yourself into that relationship or union.' By Cyrus Diaz 185. 'When you commit, you devote yourself, time and effort to make that camaraderie work, it's a pledge, it's a noble surrender.' By Cyrus Diaz 186.'Freedom is letting things fall apart when it doesn't seems to work anymore, when fellowship or relationship can't stand with each promises.' By Cyrus Diaz 187. 'Letting go, all though painful yet it's healthy.' By Cyrus Diaz 188. 'Giving freedom or letting someone go just for him/her to be happy is a selfless act, it's a heroic deed a big sacrifice someone has boldly take.' By Cyrus Diaz 189. 'Love is an indefinite feeling, a concept with no definite meaning, not even dictionary or encyclopedia can give you the exact meaning.' By Cyrus Diaz 190.'Love is a healthy feeling; it's a part of our existence, the driving force of our being.' By Cyrus Diaz 191. Lust is a selfish sexual desire towards our partner, friends or fellow. It seldom concealed itself in the mask of love, it's not affectionate, it's not passionate, it's greedy, a dark intention of a dissolute soul.' By Cyrus Diaz 192. 'Promises are relationships building block, something lovers or friendship has to hold on, so whenever you make a promise, be sure you can deliver it.' By Cyrus Diaz 193. 'At the end of the day, the things that you have done yet were not promised are counted the greatest.' By Cyrus Diaz 194. 'Trust is a form of surrender; a major surrender a person has to do. It's not superficial but full self-pledge surrender.' By Cyrus Diaz 195.'Trust is a will we freely give to the one we love or to the people we valued most.' By Cyrus Diaz 196. 'Tomorrow find us farther than today.' By Cyrus Diaz 197. 'With competence and skills we man should think logically; express himself clearly and in sharing the best of his life he will live in harmony with others In a just and progressive society.' By Cyrus Diaz 198.'By serving, by being just and humane, by striving and in doing your noblest - that's success.' By Cyrus Diaz 199.'Sympathy, is not offering quick and cosmetic help, rather, it is entering and sharing in others pain.' By Cyrus Diaz 200.'Nothing that is real has ever been to peril.' By Cyrus Diaz 201.'Education: is the key to unlock the big luck.' By Cyrus Diaz 202.'Opportunity comes one at a time but time, no matter how countless, doesn't always offer opportunity.' By Cyrus Diaz 203..'Breathing is just one segment of our existence; we need love, to love and be loved by the people around us and ultimately, by ourselves. ' By Cyrus Diaz
18 February 2016
"Writing is a passion, an unwrapped gift bestowed long before we were born."

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