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names D.M (firtst nd secnd intials of my name) . I'm currently 17 years old and I won't be 18 until november. A junior in high-school (miami, florida) ..I love the colors gray nd yellow: D nd oreos are the best cookies in the world. I love writing poems because of..well music. Music is my one true healer and it just puts me in my own world. Thus whatever I'm feeling from the music I write a poem about it. Poetry also helps me write out my anger when I don't have music. I have a lot I could do for my future because i've tried a plethora of things and i'm very talented in whatever I focus on but honestly I hope one day I become a famous writer. Whether its in poetry or writing novels/series, its my goal and dream since I first learned how to read. Well thats all folks ^-^

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Never The Same

Whats goin on with me i dont even know
Things i deal with now is a never ending joke
Its like playing a game where im the chaser
But in the end i get shot in the heart by a laser
For some reason though i play again and again
Hoping someday or one day i will win
But lets get real cause this isnt a tv show
This is reality getting slammed by the doh' (door)
Yet the question for me is why do i play

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