Dónall Dempsey

Veteran Poet - 1,546 Points (15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Dónall Dempsey Poems

1321. The Intense Caligraphy Of The Human Voice 8/24/2007
1322. Sky Fishes (For Miss S) 5/17/2007
1323. Change Of Heart 5/17/2007
1324. Fall Of A Sparrow 6/28/2007
1325. You Were 8/13/2007
1326. Goodbye To The Circus(For Auntie Nellie) 7/9/2007
1327. This Forever(For Janice) 9/2/2008
1328. You Have Left Your Voice 3/21/2008
1329. The Ying & Yang Of Her Hair 1/21/2008
1330. Two Cupfulls Of Rain 7/16/2010
1331. Kiss Kiss Kiss 7/14/2007
1332. Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave 2/21/2008
1333. Crossing The Border(For Lyn) 4/16/2008
1334. Abú...Abú! (Forever...Forever!) Tanka In Irish With Trasnslation - For My Brother Brian. 3/27/2008
1335. Soixante Neuf(For Janice) 8/21/2008
1336. Well, Well...Fancy That! (For Janice) 7/28/2008
1337. The Refraction Of Water 8/30/2007
1338. Sleeping With You...Waking To You - A Thank You Tanka 8/26/2008
1339. Hi There, Stranger 5/18/2007
1340. Your Body Is A Foreign Country 5/3/2007
1341. Your Hands 8/23/2007
1342. The Collecters 10/21/2007
1343. Making Me An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse! 8/31/2008
1344. In Praise Of The Great Unknown (For Helen) 9/11/2008
1345. The 2 Fruppy Truppy! (For Miss S) 6/14/2008
1346. Hot Water Bottle 6/14/2008
1347. Kissless...Alas...Kissless! (For The Only One) 6/5/2008
1348. Nel Blu Dipinto De Blu 9/29/2008
1349. Snowball Wars! ' 1/15/2009
1350. ' ' ' Flow My Tears 6/30/2009
1351. Under The Influence 3/8/2008
1352. As Promised - Your Left Clavicle 4/16/2008
1353. Duso* 5/15/2008
1354. Slovo Ljubavi (The Word Of Love) - For Francesca 5/15/2008
1355. I Love The Way Your Hands Love Me 9/21/2007
1356. Writing The Book I Never Wrote(For Linda) 1/27/2008
1357. Guarda Che Luna (Look At The Moon) 2/5/2008
1358. Ah..Sweet Mystery Of Life! 1/29/2008
1359. So I Did Sit And Eat 1/29/2008
1360. Big Strad Mac(For My Old Pal Al) 1/22/2008

Comments about Dónall Dempsey

  • Francesca Johnson (9/23/2007 5:21:00 PM)

    It was so lovely to meet you, Donall. I have read your poetry and it is beautiful. But having seen the way you bring it to life in a three-dimensional sort of way, taking the listener right into the scenarios as if you were performing vivid and colourful one-man plays I will no longer 'read' your poems but 'live' them. Keep on flowing.....

    Fran xxx

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  • Lee Wilson (9/1/2007 3:55:00 PM)

    734 poems. Crikey. I didn't know you'd been so busy. I have 60, that cause me limited squirming.


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  • Frankie Stones (8/24/2007 4:15:00 AM)

    A very nice and kind hearted man. He gives people a chance even when you feel like you have no where else to turn. Has writen some truely amazing poems. He made me smile even when i was in deep despair. He was the light behind the big thick black cloud. all in all a great man. hope to keep in contact with him.

    Take Care

    Love Frankie

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  • Richard A. Davis SR. (8/23/2007 2:43:00 PM)

    Scarlett turned me on to your work and all I have to say is thank you. Your work is a joy to read.

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  • Richard John Wathen Richard John Wathen (5/6/2007 6:47:00 AM)

    came across you by accident and I'm glad I did. I love your work and I'm really enjoying reading through it. John

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Best Poem of Dónall Dempsey

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Huh! Poems! (For Onelia)

My poems
are at that difficult stage


They sit around in my mind
all day

doing nothing except
lying there.

I remember
when I gave birth to them

they were so

now they are just so

scoffing biscuits
over the computer

so the crumbs
get stuck between the words

leaving their dirty

scattered all over the sofa

borrowing my similes
without telling me

corrupting words
too young to know better.

I long for them
to leave home

go find a ...

Read the full of ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Huh! Poems! (For Onelia)

The Way The Story Goes

Always enchantments
falling from your lips.

made real

made from the nearness
of your breath...a kiss.