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i love to write poems. poems are how exspers my inerself. i write after i get in a fight with my best friend chelsea(we don't realy get into fights that much) i also write after i brake up with a boy or they brake up with me(usely i write about them if i realy like them) . other times i write abot life and things around me. my best friend is probably the one that gives me most of my ideas. it takes me about 5 to 10 mins to write a poem.
some people don't understand my words that i put down but when i come around these words are going to slap you up side the head and make you think twice about it. i realy don't know how i come up with this stuf. i think that my worlds just get put in to place and they will flow realy well.
i love the way i write and if you don't than you can hate the words not me.
so now what.

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i have no poems published and no books published eather. some day i wish that i could inter into a contest and maybe win, but if it donesn't than i am just glad that it made it to the contest. also that i got other people reading and i=enjoying them. Updates

Us Girls.

why do we girls always fall in love with the wrong guys?
the guy that makes us think about them,
all day,
all night,
none stop,
is that just how we are?
Is there more to it?
Will we ever get over it?
possibly not,

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