Rookie (16.03.89 / Doncaster, England)

Biography of Daegal

I am me. I am who I have become. Who have I become? Have I become at all? Was I ever born? I came to exist. I know I exist, somewhere between the real and the painless. It's like drifting into sleep, I know there is a point when the transition happens, but to pinpoint it is to rend in twain all logic. The sky watches over me, and I walk beneath as another brick in the wall. Another number. I hope, a number that no-one recognises. A number that is rarely seen. A number that is cherished by some, amired by lots, and criticised by most.

Daegal's Works:

Danse Chimeran - Phantasmagoria And Other Works: www.lulu.com/content/358505

The Eidolon:

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Sins Of A Father

Locked away for uncertain time,
Mindful of King Minos’ crime,
In a tower that stretch’d high beyond,
And hope of escape was something fond,
But soon he jointly tied the plume,
Large and small, within the room,
He quickly made, of wax and thread,
A set of wings which proudly spread.

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