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Biography of Daegal

I am me. I am who I have become. Who have I become? Have I become at all? Was I ever born? I came to exist. I know I exist, somewhere between the real and the painless. It's like drifting into sleep, I know there is a point when the transition happens, but to pinpoint it is to rend in twain all logic. The sky watches over me, and I walk beneath as another brick in the wall. Another number. I hope, a number that no-one recognises. A number that is rarely seen. A number that is cherished by some, amired by lots, and criticised by most.

Daegal's Works:

Danse Chimeran - Phantasmagoria And Other Works: www.lulu.com/content/358505

The Eidolon:

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Orpheus And Eurydice

Orpheus, won’t you turn around?
Spin your heels upon the ground,
Gaze upon me, I’ll not wilt,
And you ne’er will need faulty guilt,
O Son of Sun, who sang to Him,
Who Proserpine had wed in grim,
Dire kingdoms you have brav’d,
To ensure that I’ll be saved,
Orpheus, I see the light,

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