D Loveday Morris Biography

Hailing from the sun kissed island of Jamaica, D.Loveday Morris, infuses love and passion in her poems.They are an integration of various aspects of her life and infulenced equally by creatures and elements-simple and complex; literatures historic and contemporary.
Seeing herself as a spiritual being, accountable to the creater; she believes that life is to be lived deeply through divine submission, exploration, experiences and reflection.
Prefessionally, she is a registered nurse with experience in management, education and research.
D.Lovedy Morris, is also a singer/song witer. Some of her songs were also studio recorded. However due to conflicts with the producer, those have not been widely heard.
It is her aim to use her poetry and the arts to positively influence healthcare, education and the lives of people globally.
She is the mother of an etheral creature, who challenges and inspires her perpetually.

D Loveday Morris Popular Poems
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