Dairedee BurrisLandwehr

Rookie - 10 Points [Astraea Layne] (May 2,1989 / Kansas)

Dairedee BurrisLandwehr Poems

1. What Street Lights Reveal In Suburbia 5/28/2009
2. Life's Sountrack 5/28/2009
3. Shells 5/28/2009
4. Soulprints 5/28/2009
5. One Way Conversation 5/28/2009
6. Ode To Karen 5/28/2009
7. Cosmic Lullabye 5/28/2009
8. Phases And Seasons 5/28/2009
9. The Nonconformist 5/28/2009
10. Neccesary Evils 5/28/2009
11. Just Dessert, Please 5/28/2009
12. I Sat Down 5/28/2009
13. Batteries 5/30/2009
14. Lines 1/29/2010
15. Coffee And Cigarettes 1/29/2010
16. Adam And Eve Syndrome 1/29/2010
17. Innocence 1/29/2010
18. I Am Here.- 2/7/2010
19. Happy; In The Morning, Noon, And Night 2/7/2010
20. Waiting 2/9/2010
21. Stepping Stones 4/24/2010
22. Squatting 8/10/2010
23. Choc-O-Late Sex 7/30/2011
24. Do Lunar Clocks Make Luna-Tics? 7/30/2011
25. This Is Not About Sassafrass... 7/30/2011
26. Mind Migration Of The God Head 7/30/2011
27. Multipl-I-City 7/30/2011
28. Chinese New Year 2/6/2013

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Best Poem of Dairedee BurrisLandwehr

Life's Sountrack

The pitter patter patterns
Surround in surround sound
The lullaby that lulls you
If you'd stop and listen
The unity in unison
The melody in harmony
Sings to me in sing-song
The chords of chorus
The notable notes
That play and replay
The soundtrack to life
Can you hear it?
Can you feel it?
Rerunning through my head
Tuning in and turning up
The tune that life beats out
Rhythm and rhyme
The music chimes
Bomp bomp bomp
Orchestrate the orchestra
The epiphany is symphony
My lyrics are strange
My soundtrack is wild
I am the ...

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Ode To Karen

I'm tracing my way through cracked linoleum
Following lines etched with footsteps of those who passed before me
They are faceless and unknown, shadows;

They pass through aisles of mass produced plunder
Trying to decide on red or blue...
'Which one defines me more as the person I hope to portray? '

Children screaming for toys made by ones younger than they are,

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