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Rookie (10-28-1992 / Colorado)

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This is me...Dajon...and I am one of a kind you might say. Life has been rough like everyone's life has but I have this never-ending hope that life will be better the next day or even an hour from the time I felt down. I guess you can say I'm a huge optimist. But I think thats how I should brand my life. Letting things get you down will only slow you down and applying things to be fire starters allows you to grow. You gotta pick yourself up. Now alot of my poems are about heartbreak and love but thats what I've had in my life...and I'm so glad I have the talent of poetry to share my emotions and get them off my chest and to be able to relate to other people. Well these are the finishing thoughts of Dajon...tootles

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Song Of The Clowns

I hide my face, in shame and disgrace
I hide behind the shadow thats undefined
I put on my makeup, to cover over my fears
I place a smile on face, to cover up my tears

Cause this world is my circus, my theme park to pain
This world leaves me helpless, I'm lost in the rain
Don't give me a mirror, I'll only look away
Cause this act of mine, makes me so ashamed

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