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Biography of Dale Ashton

My name is Dayle.

I wake on a rock, bathing in the warm sunlight, words floating gently past on the breeze until they drift down to land on my page, like delicate butterflies, full of pretty colours and swirling patterns.

I am a moon child, born under a water sign, seeking the missing part, intuitive, nurturing and creative, sometimes retreating into my own world until I feel brave again. A poet, musician, writer, reader, artist, photographer, lover of life, watching the world spin around and catching moments in my fingertips as I travel through space and time.

I love to explore the countryside with a rainbow above, watching as life happens while lying under a tree, listening to the sun rise on a wintry morning, feeling gentle raindrops caress my cheeks, taking long bike rides into the sunset, reflecting on the day over a glass of wine, listening to the eagles soar above the fairy floss in the sky, chased by dragons in the summer rain, while music plays softly in my head.

I began writing poems and song lyrics many years ago instead of working as a bank teller, drawing inspiration and influences from a wide range of musicians, poets and authors to explore stories of everyday life and emotions. My first collection of poems “Forever and Always” was published in 2013 by Ginninderra Press.

Dale Ashton's Works:

Forever and Always - Ginninderra Press (2013)

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Angel Of The Night

Sleeping angel,
Child of the night,
Lost in your dreaming,
Creature of my love.

Softness of her skin,
Caresses on your cheek,
Breasts rising and falling,
Touch of her fingers.