Dale Totten

Dale Totten Poems

1. A Fallen Leaf On The Forest Floor 4/11/2012
2. Saved 4/11/2012
3. Life In The Dark 4/16/2012
4. Fate? 4/20/2012
5. My Refuge 4/25/2012
6. Reminiscing 5/20/2012
7. What Price Would You Pay? 5/28/2012
8. Hate 5/28/2012
9. War And A Saviour 6/3/2012
10. Beware! 7/2/2012
11. My Lord 7/4/2012
12. Deep Dark Blues 7/7/2012
13. Dream Land 9/2/2012
14. In The Hills Of California 12/8/2013
15. America 4/28/2012
16. On My Own 5/6/2012
17. Enough Is Enough 5/9/2012
18. Who Am I? 5/12/2012
19. Truth 5/13/2012
20. Enough 12/8/2013
21. Mirror Man 12/8/2013
22. Moon Lit Stalkers 1/5/2014
23. Crowd Ed 1/18/2014
24. The End 1/18/2014
25. Time 1/18/2014
26. P.T.S.D. 4/26/2012
27. Silence 4/14/2012
28. Welcome To The Jungle 5/14/2012
29. Lazy River 12/8/2013
30. Slow Down, Look Around 4/15/2012
31. Alone 4/18/2012

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Best Poem of Dale Totten


Alone he wakes to greet each day
Nothing to do, nothing to say
Watching the sun make it's rise
Another day of silent cries

All alone, nothing to hear
The sound of silence, loud and clear
He weeps in lonesome agony
Tears that no one will ever see

Alone he views days gone by
Photos that make him question why
Captured memories, some good, some bad
Thankful for the time they had

Alone and trapped in a maze
No way out, in sorrow he stays
No color anymore, just shades of black
Time can never be turned back

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Slow Down, Look Around

There was a time not long ago
When yes was yes, and no was no
Good was good, and bad was bad
Happiness was simple to be had

You lived out loud, and didn't care
You knew the law, and what was fair
Your neighbor then, was a friend
That you could trust, and would defend

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