Dan McGonagle

Rookie (Dumbarton, Scotland)

Dan McGonagle Poems

1. Desert Boots 2/26/2012
2. The Dust Of Ages... 2/26/2012
3. On The Day I Was Born 2/26/2012
4. The Tay Bridge Disaster By William Mcgonagall As Amended By Dan Mcgonagle 2/27/2012
5. Uncomfortable Silence 2/27/2012
6. Who Knows Where The Wind Blows 2/27/2012
7. The Hatchling 2/27/2012
8. Twin Beams Of Light 2/27/2012
9. Laughing In The Dark 2/27/2012
10. One Day In The Future 2/27/2012
11. Little Mother 2/27/2012
12. In The Stillness Of The Night 2/27/2012
13. Fallen Angel 2/28/2012
14. Wedding Bells 2/28/2012
15. Once I Walked With Angels 2/28/2012
16. Virgin Forest 2/27/2012
17. The Tree Of Life 3/1/2012
18. Just Chillin 3/1/2012
19. Unicorn Moon 3/2/2012
20. If All The Worlds A Stage 3/1/2012
21. Who Are You Today My Brother? 3/1/2012
22. Romance In The Rain 3/2/2012
23. A Bitter Pill 3/17/2012
24. Would You 3/17/2012
25. The Answer To Every Why 3/2/2012
26. Red Berets 3/1/2012
27. The Ragamuffin Man 3/2/2012
28. Nightwatch 2/27/2012
29. A Tall Dark Stranger 3/1/2012
30. Mother Knows Best! 2/27/2012
31. From Boy To Man 2/27/2012
32. The Sun Is Shining Bright Today 2/27/2012
33. Love Rises 2/28/2012
34. Why? 3/5/2012
35. Bless This House... 2/26/2012
36. The Full Armour Of God 2/27/2012
37. The Blitz 2/27/2012
38. Be The Best You Can Be 3/2/2012
Best Poem of Dan McGonagle

Be The Best You Can Be

Don't listen to those who say you can't
You can be what you want to be
Don't listen to the voices of discontent
I won't let that happen to me

Step out of the shadows and be yourself
Aspire to all that your heart desires
Raise your sights to the sky above your head
Go after all that your dream inspires

Life is for living...keep true to yourself
Never lose track of all that you treasure
Step forward with courage and strength of will
You'll be blessed with good things beyond measure

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The Dust Of Ages...

It lies here still...unmoved...untouched
Neither rain nor wind exposed
While unseen movements in the dark
Keep its secret forever enclosed

Locked deep inside a castle keep
Long forgotten by those above
Surrounded by a musty smell
Bereft of care and love

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