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Dan Reynolds Poems

81. Nurse Harry, ... Rome Ants. 6/9/2014
82. Raed Tihs Fickung Peom Now Scambugs! ! ! ! 6/11/2014
83. Lakeland Dawns In February, The Icing On The Kendal Mint Cake 6/16/2014
84. Evidence Of Aspirations From A Time Long Past. 6/19/2014
85. Some Lay, Where No Poppies Grow. 11/11/2015
86. What Price, Patriotism? 11/11/2015
87. Fay The Somme Tay Bonhill 11/11/2015
88. Qustuckandry. (Sonnet) 1/1/2016
89. The Turning Of The Year 1/1/2016
90. Looking Down On Lakeside 1/6/2016
91. A Farewell For Old Friends And Family 1/9/2016
92. The Fingers On The Window 1/9/2016
93. A Gravestone Weeps For A Rare Visitor. 3/29/2016
94. View From A Lake District Peak. 4/5/2016
95. Reflection On A Ripple. 4/13/2016
96. Pendulum 4/13/2016
97. A Limeri.. 4/13/2016
98. A Question Of Love (Sonnet) 4/13/2016
99. A Love Sonnet By Homer J? 4/15/2016
100. The Legend Of Ebbynfloe. 4/18/2016
101. Un-Ticking The Box With The Originals In. 4/18/2016
102. Par 4 The Coarse? 4/19/2016
103. The Ladyton Spring 9/18/2014
104. Catch 22 On The Lake District Hills. 1/27/2015
105. February 2/8/2015
106. The Messiah's Pardon For Valentines Days To Come. 2/13/2015
107. The Early Bird 9/30/2015
108. Another Atheist’s Prayer? 10/3/2015
109. Burying The Hatchet. 5/2/2016
110. On Considering Yet Again The Place Of The Rhyme In Contemporary Poetry 5/3/2016
111. Old Billy's New Boots (Jokem) Revised Without Profanity 5/25/2016
112. Wee Sam's Lament 5/31/2016
113. Poetry Is Not What It Was 6/16/2016
114. The Gloashies. 11/6/2016
115. There Must Be One Small Thing! 11/29/2016
116. Morning Check-Sheet/To Do List 12/2/2016
117. Set In Damascus Around 00 Bc/Ad 12/6/2016
118. E'en In The Wurst O Times. (Sonnet) 12/14/2016
119. Moi Et Ma Bouche Grande. 12/14/2016
120. The Mole The Merrier? (Part 3) 3/16/2017

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Best Poem of Dan Reynolds

My Old School.

He couldn't go back
to his old school,
the bastards had knocked it down
Tore away his memories
his triggers to his past
and as an afterthought
rebuilt, renamed, and
reneged on their promise.

No more broken stained glass mosaics
no more shiny loo roll
no more lighting bunsen burners
from statically charged fingertips
no more prickly bushes
no more beatings, heading home
no more spittle-flicking
on the blazer backs in front.
No more wistful gazing
to the girls' school o'er the road

He picked out from the rubble

Read the full of My Old School.

New Year Sonnet

Each year I fear a little less than last
as time erodes the terrors I have known.
No longer doomed to deem the die is cast,
though 'change for change's sake' is overblown.

I know I need a catalyst, ad lib
to spur the odd excursion from the droll
I know the pen is nowt without the nib
I know the ink inside me is the goal.

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