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Dan Reynolds Poems

121. The Mole The Merrier? (Part 3) 3/16/2017
122. Blessed Are The Ignorant, For They Shall Sleep Sound. 3/16/2017
123. A Glaswegian Valentine 6/16/2017
124. E-Buy Gum 11/3/2017
125. Up An Doon Hills When Yer Thirteen. 11/3/2017
126. Becalmed On A Page 1/8/2014
127. Bitter. The Devil You Don’t Know? 1/8/2014
128. An Ode On Recieving A Kick In The Baws. 1/8/2014
129. Quiet! There’s A “sh” In Front Of Angry-La 12/30/2013
130. Chleenchama Rackhathu. 11/11/2013
131. How Many Poets Does It Take To Put Out A Candle? 11/12/2013
132. Ode On Transferring All My Cds Onto A Pc. 11/13/2013
133. A Spring Lambent? 4/9/2013
134. Leave Me Never, Leave Me Now. 12/1/2012
135. Are You Familiar With The 'Nana Nap'? 5/15/2012
136. A Toast To Poets On Burns' Night 1/28/2012
137. Daddy's Late? 8/26/2011
138. Twenty Five Seconds 8/23/2011
139. Do Train Toilets Inspire Your Poetry? 6/15/2011
140. A Tsonnet 3/19/2011
141. Sammy The Suicidal Slug 8/31/2010
142. The Reckoning. 10/14/2010
143. Malice Through The Looking Glass 9/7/2010
144. In True Remembrance, Unsullied By Creed. 9/11/2010
145. Transcendental Incremental 14,15,16 Beats 7/5/2011
146. King Canute's Daughter 8/10/2011
147. The Little Photoshop Of Horrors. 10/7/2011
148. Persephone's Lure 9/16/2011
149. To Jump Or Not To Jump 9/28/2011
150. A Sonnet On The Wind's Promises. 6/29/2012
151. Can I Say Farewell. Lyrically, To A Hero From My Childhood And Beyond? 7/17/2012
152. Suppressing The Moments The Mind Chose To Chase. 1/29/2013
153. Before Photoshop 6/3/2013
154. I'Ll Give You A Bunch Of Fivers, You Troll! ! 9/24/2014
155. Catching Up On Reflections. 9/26/2013
156. The Fall Into The Wasteland 11/14/2013
157. 'Good Morning Mr Magpie' 5/10/2012
158. Ambi-Dexter-Ous? (A Sanguineous Sonnet?) 11/15/2013
159. Can I Compare A Sonnet To A Dressage Test? 2/27/2014
160. A Rude Rhyme On The Rudimentaries. 3/26/2013

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Best Poem of Dan Reynolds

My Old School.

He couldn't go back
to his old school,
the bastards had knocked it down
Tore away his memories
his triggers to his past
and as an afterthought
rebuilt, renamed, and
reneged on their promise.

No more broken stained glass mosaics
no more shiny loo roll
no more lighting bunsen burners
from statically charged fingertips
no more prickly bushes
no more beatings, heading home
no more spittle-flicking
on the blazer backs in front.
No more wistful gazing
to the girls' school o'er the road

He picked out from the rubble

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Halle Loo? Jah!

(May be sung to the tune of 'Hallelujah'; ¬)

They say ye canny fill yer breechs
Wi' tatty scones and boiled leeks
But you don't know whit we went through tay see ya
Diarrhoea. Diarrhoea
Diarrhoea, Diarrhoee-ee-ee-ee-ya

I'd like tay lay hons oan the bam

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