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Dan Reynolds Poems

161. The Butterfly Effect 3/30/2013
162. A Progress In Work 10/21/2012
163. A Not So Brave Pyugh World 8/25/2011
164. The Pawnbroker's Reward 9/28/2010
165. Can I Offer A Version Of The World's (Supposedly) Funniest Joke? 2/17/2011
166. The End Of The World Is Snide? 5/17/2011
167. And This Is Why You Shouldn'T Mock The Aged In Perth. 8/23/2012
168. What Is A Poem? 3/5/2012
169. The Will In The Windows 12/8/2011
170. Departure Delayed? 7/29/2011
171. Why Do Poets Argue On Forums? 2/11/2012
172. Somewhere In The World 5/10/2013
173. Soulmate. 4/19/2013
174. The Meadows Of The Mind 9/2/2013
175. A Sonnet On The Poet's Reaction To Death. 2/17/2015
176. Have You Ever Took A Detour Through A Tiny Clump Of Trees? 3/27/2015
177. A Friend's Enforced Departure. 5/2/2016
178. Wilbur’s Gonna Get Me/You! 10/3/2015
179. Wilbur's Gonna Get Me/You! Part Ii 10/23/2015
180. Aaron Aardvark’s Alphabetical Advancement 10/26/2015
181. Darn Tootin' These Boys Want Shootin! 11/29/2016
182. Merry Vague-Mas? 12/21/2016
183. The Lean Stigma Special. 9/16/2016
184. Stormbringer's Epiphany. 6/14/2016
185. I Forgot My Code For The Euthanasia Hole In The Wall Machine.(Or…suicide Is Pinless?) 5/30/2016
186. Giving Up Smoking 5/2/2016
187. A Poem… To Slur With Love. 5/3/2016
188. The Belly Button Thief. 4/30/2016
189. A Moment On The Hips, A Lifetime On The Lips. 9/8/2014
190. 2’s Co. (3’s A Shroud) 2/27/2014
191. 21 Words Of Guidance, Will You Save Yourself For Me? 3/9/2014
192. A Posthumous Pondering 8/12/2011
193. 180 Second Freefall 7/25/2013
194. A Disgraceful Retirement? 11/7/2013
195. A Contract Of Contrition. 11/22/2013
196. The Onliness Of The Short-Distance Gardener. 6/6/2013
197. Chaos: A Condition Or Place Of Great Disorder Or Confusion. 4/4/2014
198. Dear 'Facebook', May I Make A Small Request 1/13/2013
199. And So We Wonder, Why We Love. 3/15/2013
200. Picture This 7/11/2012
Best Poem of Dan Reynolds

My Old School.

He couldn't go back
to his old school,
the bastards had knocked it down
Tore away his memories
his triggers to his past
and as an afterthought
rebuilt, renamed, and
reneged on their promise.

No more broken stained glass mosaics
no more shiny loo roll
no more lighting bunsen burners
from statically charged fingertips
no more prickly bushes
no more beatings, heading home
no more spittle-flicking
on the blazer backs in front.
No more wistful gazing
to the girls' school o'er the road

He picked out from the rubble

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New Year Sonnet

Each year I fear a little less than last
as time erodes the terrors I have known.
No longer doomed to deem the die is cast,
though 'change for change's sake' is overblown.

I know I need a catalyst, ad lib
to spur the odd excursion from the droll
I know the pen is nowt without the nib
I know the ink inside me is the goal.

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