Dan Walters

Rookie (Detroit, MI)

Dan Walters Poems

1. Five Minutes Thought 12/2/2008
2. My Five Senses Spent 12/2/2008
3. Pet Owners Get Really Attached (Big Dog Murphy) 12/2/2008
4. Something Filth 12/2/2008
5. You'Re Either In Or You'Re Out Murphy 12/2/2008
6. Japan Or Another Place Over There 12/2/2008
7. I Am Cleopatra And Alexander's Offspring 12/5/2008
8. Pretentious 12/5/2008
9. Taking Capsules To Your Casket 12/8/2008
10. I Can'T Be Proud, I'M Very Tired 1/12/2009
11. The Hands 1/20/2009
12. He Had Him Out On Fort Street 1/27/2009
13. Let Us Be Appealing 1/27/2009
14. Laura Desantis 2/10/2009
15. Stop Traffic. Get The Feast Started 2/12/2009
16. Long Time Ago, I Can Hardly Remember 4/29/2009
17. Realizing You'Re Homesick...Hypocrite 12/10/2008
18. The Witches Are Laughing At Us Now, I Know It 12/13/2008
19. You Sound Like The Teacher In Peanuts 12/14/2008
20. Morning 1/1/2009
21. Life Outside The Ring 5/14/2009
22. Normalcy 5/28/2009
23. I Went Down South With A Union Flag 5/28/2009
24. She Said 'I Don'T Know About The Whole Scooby Doo Thing' 6/25/2009
25. Nathan And I In A Room Of Parasites 7/1/2009
26. My Time Spent As A Drifter 7/18/2009
27. Learning Expriences 8/16/2009
28. Mindless Observations 8/16/2009
29. Success 8/16/2009
30. Tu Casa (Density) 12/2/2008
31. Internal Expansion 6/25/2009
32. This Might (Not) Offend Some People 1/2/2009
33. The Three Wisemen Should'Ve Given Baby Jesus Gifts That You Would Normally Get As An Infant 12/8/2008
34. Why Don'T You Go And Cry 12/2/2008
35. I Am Sick Of Being A Janitor 4/29/2009
36. Maybe The Only Poem I'Ll Ever Write About A Girl 1/7/2009

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Best Poem of Dan Walters

Maybe The Only Poem I'Ll Ever Write About A Girl

I’m always getting love drunk
Off silly girls’
Intoxicating fumes
My stomach can’t handle you
But I’m just waiting
For my eyes to rust over again
And the fire to go out
Then I’ll be completely blind
Just what I’m used to
And I hardly write poems about girls
But this one I can actually recall

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Something Filth

You occupied me
For a long time
I took up your time
For what seemed a short while
Wash my hands of this,
This should be so easy
For me as it was you

There is no way

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