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Michael Walker 28 August 2019

'Twentieth-Century American Poetry', edited by Dana Gioia, with David Mason and Meg Schoerke. New York: McGraw-Hill,2004. A comprehensive, well-chosen anthology.

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Michael Walker 26 August 2019

Dana Gioia was one of three editors of an anthology of modern American poetry, a book which I read more than once. I will add the anthology title tomorrow, can't remember it right now. Gioia's poems are full of original imagery, and not too long. They keep the reader's interest.

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Jill Shilvock 26 December 2013

I have only read the poems listed here on PoemHunter of Dana Gioia - but that was enough to realize what a talented poet he is. I only wish I could write as well. His style is so natural and unforced, and he writes about seemingly unimportant things or hugely important ones and makes both leave a lasting impression upon his readers. When some-one says 'But I don't know what to write about' they should read Dana Gioia and find out that anything can be made the subject of a poem.

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Bibhu Padhi 20 December 2013

Fantastic. The poems are so quiet- like the things they talk about. And, they fulfill my wish: poems have to be short and strong enough to hold the reader's attention. Congratulations and cheers!

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Charlotte Peters Rock 20 December 2011

I have justread Dana Gioia's poem abut the flowers, called 'Thanks for remembering us' That is just what we feel - in ways that we cannot usually describe. Thank you

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Abdallah Mpogole 05 August 2010

That's good Diana lets us mend this words to rule the world.

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