Dana Korneisel

Rookie (Grand Rapids, MI)

Biography of Dana Korneisel

I grew up in Western Michigan. I have not left the Midwest but moved for high school and am now in college. I started writing seriously my senior year of High School, in 2010, the first semester. During this time I stuck to prose with only a few jumps into poetry.

Two summers ago I really started writing poems. I found them a way to organize and analyze my thoughts and feelings. I found in words a connection to the world and meditation.

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The Leopard

Be I wolf or be I leopard
I am neither sheep nor shepherd
And I know fate don't pick favorites
From the darkness of the day

Circle ‘round me lynx and smile
I'll play jinxed and think you vile
While you mark me, try to scratch my
Soul, and take my skin away

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