Dane Dino

Biography of Dane Dino

Well lets see here! I live life with no regrets and try to play every moment smooth. I live to love and love to hate. I have my whole life for women so i try to stay singe. Although most of my poems have to do with the amazing girls in my life. Welp enjoy and tell me what you think!

Dane Dino's Works:

Never published any books but I gave my brother one of my poems for school extra credit, and her teacher sent it in to get published. but i guess that doesnt count as a publish for me... ha ha ha

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Monday was the day i met you
Tuesday was the day i hugged you
Wednesday was the day i liked you
Thursday was the day you liked me
Friday was the day we kissed
Saturday was the day we kuddled
Sunday was the day you left me
And every night i dreamed of you