Dang Xiong

Rookie (October 13th 1994 / USA)

Biography of Dang Xiong

My name is Dang Xiong and most of my poems are about nearly anything I like. My poems are usually about nature though, I write Haikus too but I don't really put them on here. I went to about 3 elementary schools, World Cultures Magnet School, Pike Lake, and Valentine Hills. I reunited with some of my friends from Pike Lake at my middle school, Highview, me and most of my elementary school friends were separated in 5th grade because Pike Lake had 'shut down.' I went to Magnet School from K-1/2 of 1st grade, then Pike Lake 2-4, and Valentines Hill grade 5. I went to Highview Middle for 3 years and Irondale High School for 1 year, I am currently at Park Senior High School. All of my friends are special to me and they are each unique and special in their own ways. I am glad to have met all the people that I know because each and every one of them are the people who shaped me to be who I am today. I started writing poems in 7th grade, I got my encouragement from my teacher Mrs. Haqq. I don't know about my future plans yet and what I want for my future job.

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The night sky, silent, pitch black;
Soon followed by the sounds of crackling and popping like a fire,
Then, you look up to see, colors glimmering in splashes in the sky,
Fireworks, like rainbows in the night sky.

Colors fill the sky;
The smell of smoke drifts around,
Sometimes, they're even formed into pictures,
Fireworks, colors fill the sky.

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