Daniel Brick

Gold Star - 75,972 Points [none] (June 10,1947 / St. Paul MN)

Daniel Brick Poems

321. The White Angel 12/6/2016
322. Wang Wei Visits Cigeng Zhang 11/9/2016
323. Six Encounters With Remarkable Creatures 1/18/2017
324. Three Seasons 1/19/2017
325. First Kiss For K. W. 6/21/2015
326. No Sweeter Song 6/21/2015
327. A Colloquy Of Haiku 8/9/2015
328. Debussy 9/30/2015
329. Five Haiku 8/9/2015
330. People At Port Trakl Part One 9/28/2015
331. Envoi (Port Trakl) 9/28/2015
332. An Incident 1/7/2014
333. Poems And Time 3/7/2014
334. Seven Windows A Tale Of The Future 8/11/2014
335. On A Late Summer Day 8/24/2014
336. May Night 4/26/2014
337. Gleeman Brian 5/14/2014
338. Before Hurrying On 5/9/2014
339. Roses And Flames An Angel Speaks 5/8/2014
340. Buddhist Temple In The Mountains 9/10/2014
341. Tweel's Parting Song 2/20/2014
342. Minotaur 4/25/2014
343. Seven Windows Redux: Thomas Reaches Out 8/11/2014
344. Wings And Arrows 6/27/2014
345. Wonders 2/20/2014
346. Page One 2/12/2014
347. Vigil For My Father, John J. Brick 2/6/2014
348. Angelic 2/6/2014
349. In Early April 4/11/2015
350. Spontaneous Sonnet Spring 2015 4/2/2015
351. People At Port Trakl Part Two 9/28/2015
352. Impatient Verses 12 October 2015 2: 00 Am 10/12/2015
353. In Your World Homage For Georg Trakl 8/3/2015
354. The Four-Day Poetry Crisis Autumn 2015 7/5/2015
355. Force Of Lightning 7/18/2015
356. Hamlet In Old Age 2/9/2017
357. What Has Passed 1/11/2017
358. Emily Dickinson Visits Pamela Sinicrope 12/28/2016
359. Moon And Music A Letter To Fabrizio 10/3/2016
360. Modern Times (In Three Sections) 9/20/2016

Comments about Daniel Brick

  • Fabrizio Frosini Fabrizio Frosini (12/28/2014 3:12:00 PM)

    Thank you, Daniel.

    I've read and read again your comments. And the two poems (the new ones) of yours - And your bio, too!

    I have to say that, reading all your words, I could not help but think of a great poet of the XX century, Ezra Pound.. You are generous and sensitive, caring and compelling. And a very good poet. Really.

    Answering your message:

    About CHINESE GARDENS: yes, I wrote a number of poems in English -not my mother language, you know. I decided to write them in your language ab initio, originally, so they are not a work of translation. I am not good in translating my Italian poems into English, but maybe the ones I have written in English are not so bad, if your comments are so good! :)
    All the 5 English poems I've posted here (at PoemHunter) are from CHINESE GARDENS.
    You have already read 4 of them (BEYOND, TENDERNESS, YOU & I, GREEN FRIED SPINACH) .
    The 5th is SESQUIPEDALIA VERBA. All of them have got an Italian version, as you've surely noted.
    Than, at PH, there are 3 more poems (COMA is one of the 3) which I wrote in Italian... About them, giving an English version is really hard fo me (read more below) .

    About your note on my poem COMA:

    1. William Wordsworth, yes, a GREAT POET indeed. The Lyrical Ballads are so beautiful.. But I have to say that I prefer John Keats. When you think that Keats was only 25 when he died in 1821 (1 year earlier than Shelley, who was only 30 when he died) and that he had published only three works.. well.. Wordsworth had a very long life (80 years) to devote to poetry; Keats just a few years, but his verses are heavenly ones..

    2. About the translation of my poem COMA into English: it's not an easy task for me. You know, I've written about 30 poems in English, but I wrote them ORIGINALLY in English. In such a case it is not difficult for me to give the Italian version. But it is different for verses which were born ITALIAN, originally. They are mine, yes - of course :) - but the intimate fabric of the poem is so deeply rooted in my mother tongue that it is not so easy to give the exact meaning when I try to translate it.. It is my fault, I know.. I'm not good as a translator!

    Thanks again - from the very deep of my heart- for your beautiful [astonishingly beautiful! ] comments.


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  • Sandra Feldman (12/13/2014 12:54:00 AM)

    Those who love poetry today are so hard to find.
    Daniel Brick, an outstanding poet himself has developed a deep comprehension and love for the poetic world so close to his heart that I think he can even feel and hear Poetry live and palpitate.

  • Frank Avon (10/27/2014 2:10:00 PM)

    Just to add to my comment below: I have now read several more of Daniel Brick's work. They are consistently of high quality, reminding me of my favorite living poet, Wendell Berry - simple yet elegant, accessible yet eloquent.

    By the way, what a great name for a poet: Daniel Brick. It must be a pseudonym - chosen perfectly. To be born with such a name would be a blessing indeed. Maybe I'll do one of my found poems sooner or later, using names of some of my favorite poets from PH.

  • Abekah Emmanuel Abekah Emmanuel (9/4/2014 12:44:00 AM)

    Hello Daniel,
    Let me seize the day and pour my few words on your page. I have keenly been following your poems and your comments about others too. There is simply no denying the fact that you are a star. Your pen brings joy and ignites passion in all your readers. You are doing a good job. Keep it up! Let me also invite you to my page while you glance through my works.Thank you great poet.

  • Amir Mohammad Islami Chalandar (6/7/2014 6:54:00 AM)

    nice poems. you are great in showing feels.that shows a good improvement. i invite you to read my poems at my poets page. that is a friendly invitation

  • Nika Mcguin Nika Mcguin (3/24/2014 5:04:00 PM)

    The angelic poet himself! ~ There is such great variety in his work that I could hardly catalog it all. His great insight about art, angels, existence, etc can all be found in his poetry. Also I've never seen a poet more well rounded in appreciation for other artists and poets(famous or not.) Also I'd like to give thanks for always commenting on my poems and being one of my best PH friends. Though there's no way I could bottle up all of my gratitude in one comment, this is my clumsy attempt lol.


Best Poem of Daniel Brick

After The Poet's Death

His poems refuse
to mourn his passing, they
detach themselves from
books, magazines, wall hangings
and float freely
in the fair summer air.

Their refusal to mourn is
steadfast. 'He's just changed
his address, ' one of his
first poems says to the new
lyrics. 'He's done this before,
searching for a better place to live.'

'And we always go with him, '
pipes a small poem, barely
audible, maybe not
completed, hardly a poem
at all. 'We are all of us
pieces of his soul, ' booms

the lordly Epic Poem
of 24 cantos. 'We must
catch ...

Read the full of After The Poet's Death

Four Taoist Poems


Scattered rocks lie
beneath the moss-covered boulder.
They are Tai Chi students
resting in the shade of their master.
They have learned enough for today -
It's time to stop
and speak softly to the earth.

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