Daniel Lloyd Kennedy

Rookie (Dec.1948 / Lake Forest, Illinois)

Biography of Daniel Lloyd Kennedy

'Hopelessly, A Romantic'
Born in Illinois... (Didn't loose anything, that is still there, so I've seldom returned...) . Lived/traveled Europe and the Mediterranean for 15+ years... (Would enjoy going back for awhile...) . Have accomplished many things... some, I'm even proud of... (Need to do more of those...) Kind hearted... hard headed... but mostly agreeable... (If you are...) Too many interests to list... (But... they're unlikely on your list of interests...) Definitely, have had numerous incarnations here... (Luckily, I don't recall any of them...) Only known faults, a Tool Jones and Wanderlust...Ok... Maybe I have an infatuation now too... (Well... those are all I'll admit to for now...) .

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Summertime In Texas

Summertime's a real grand time, for flowers, birds and bees,
It's also time to trim the grass, gardens, bushes and trees,
Some people say I don't like summer, but that just isn't true,
I truly love the summertime, and all the tasks I do.

But let me say about the jobs, as menial as they seem,
They're always a pleasure beyond all measure, when everything is green,
But then I moved to Texas, where stickers and thistles are many,
That's when the summertime became, a game that's just n

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