Daniel Oliveira

Daniel Oliveira Poems

1. Dust Child 7/5/2005
2. My Drifter... 5/13/2005
3. Giving Flowers To The Wind. 5/13/2005
4. The Right To Flower. 5/13/2005
5. Ascending, Thin, To The Sky 6/2/2005
6. Death Part Un 6/2/2005
7. Vicious 6/2/2005
8. Shake And Bake Torture (American Sorrow) 6/29/2005
9. Death Part Deux 6/29/2005
10. Damaged 7/5/2005
11. Recollection 7/5/2005
12. The Beauty Of Gray 6/2/2005
13. Fortify 6/2/2005
14. Exhale 6/2/2005
15. Beautiful Words 6/29/2005
16. Fingering At The Rope. 5/13/2005
17. Abstinence 6/2/2005
18. Rainbow, Rainbow 7/5/2005
19. Trashcan Boy (Oh, That Emo Kid) 6/2/2005
Best Poem of Daniel Oliveira

Trashcan Boy (Oh, That Emo Kid)

Monday through Friday
In throughout the masses
He stares at you
Stares at me
All the while just a smile
A blank halo
Over the perfect look
Ready, awaiting
Locked in the arms of
In the grip of
A last encounter
, A first one
, A special one
, The best one
Monday through Friday
Those eyes they’ll never change
And how they look at me
, Oh, how they glare
So sweet, so common,
A sigh
Distant, composed
Surrendered in a bulge
Of gray, of mass;
Still we will never convene
Never say a word
I’ll never smile ...

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Rainbow, Rainbow

Dot your 'i''s and cross your 't''s
Wait 5 minutes it'll kick in (soon)
You shouldn't be the one to blame for feeling pain
It’s just another, medicated, form of abstinence
Consciously extracting you from tasting the rainbow
From being a shooting star yourself
From loving every moment that you are wishing you're alive
So dot them good and cross them well
It won't be long

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