Daniel Partlow

Rookie - 69 Points (1969 / St. Louis, MO > Westport, CT)

Daniel Partlow Poems

81. Human Elohim 10/17/2016
82. Brighton Beach 4/14/2018
83. Sunrise On The Mount - With Verse References 7/23/2018
84. The Human Gods (Based On Psalm 82) 1/25/2007
85. Protection For Those Who Follow (Ps138) 6/1/2009
86. They Call It The Great Satan 6/1/2009
87. Hanukah-Hagadah 12/17/2008
88. What Name Holds The Greatest Promise 6/9/2008
89. On Route From The Capital To Fengxian… To Damascus 3/13/2008
90. 'Monger' Of Hope, Purveyor Of 'Change', What Is Thy Nature? 1/29/2008
91. Jesus Christ Calls The Shinto - Kirisuto - A Haiku & Poem 1/12/2007
92. Modern Man: The Corporation 1/29/2007
93. The Cape Of The Matador (Pornography & Lust) 1/13/2007
94. My Creed 4/14/2007
95. I Have A Dream - Revisited - Martin Luther King 1/19/2009
96. Our Demons/Our Psychoses - 12/15/2007
97. Caligula, Death Is Dead 9/3/2008
98. Ct Supreme Court: On Your Gay Marriage Ruling 10/10/2008
99. God's Riddle 4/23/2007
100. Defiling B.Sheba & Murdering Her Husband 2/5/2007
101. Poemhunter Poem Scores (Trite) 1/9/2008
102. Poemhunter Poem Titles (Trite) 1/9/2008
103. Defending The Christian World View (The Charger And The Ostrich) 1/11/2008
104. Love Is... 8/22/2007
105. Christ's Unique Message: Love Your Enemy (No Other Religion Says This) 4/15/2007
106. Society Of Slavery 4/18/2007
107. Winds Of The Spirit 3/26/2007
108. A Day Is A Thousand Years 4/14/2007
109. A Scriptural Valentine (The Mildly Erotic Song Of Solomon) 2/10/2007
110. Divorce - Another Matter Of Course (The Storm Brews) 1/30/2007
111. Raising Children Of Light (Not Razing Children) 1/28/2007
112. Sunrise On The Mount 1/3/2007
113. Howl Allen Ginsberg 4/10/2008

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    wow u have alot of poems, i havent put all mine on here lol

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Best Poem of Daniel Partlow

Howl Allen Ginsberg

Howl Allen Ginsberg with Nebuchadnezzar’s
Prideful Madness-Lycanthropic
For this generation’s minds lie bleeding and ravished
in the streets of the libertine-philosophic

Your angel-headed hipsters of darkness marshalling
the hollow-eyed masses to their graves.
Israfel softly sings his damnable odes in the classroom
and o’er the air-waves.

Two hundred million saxes wail false laments
like the butchered-truths of the painter Francis Bacon
But when one prays at the altar of Damien Hirst
(or de Payens) just Who and what has been forsaken?

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The Bravest ‘300’

A mighty enemy was amassing all its murderous hands.
Filled with the covetous – its ranks were vast and swelled.
The tyrants seeking foreign wives and slaves and lands
Focused now on what message the animal entrails spelled.

But from an impressive army, innumerous and bold.
Came tens of thousands of willing volunteers.
They then who passed the test: only three hundred tolled,
Were selected to face the enemy’s thirty thousand spears.

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