Daniel Reurink

Freshman - 680 Points [Imastep] (August 8,1990 / Lethbridge Alberta Canada)

Daniel Reurink Quotes

  • '''The rate of order is proportional to the rate of disorder'''
    Daniel Reurink - Metemphysics
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  • '''Nothing is Something, Something is Everything, Everything is Nothing.'''
    Daniel Reuirnk - Metemphsyics
  • '''Any experience of life is through a foreign subject that is of the life of the experienced
    Daniel Reuirnk - Metemphysics
  • '''All objectivity is subject to the subjectivity of the subject.'''
    Daniel Reurink - Metemphysics
  • '''Life is an immediate feeling.'''
    Daniel Reurink - Metemphysics
  • '''All individuals are a unique potential of the complete state of being.'''
    Daniel Reurink - Metemphysics
  • '''Doubt is a state were beliefs are not satisfied, yet a belief can be changed into any
    Daniel Reuirnk - Metemphysics
  • ''"Everything reaches us through imagination."''
    Daniel Reuirnk - Metemphsyics
  • '''The external and unchanging forms of nature are the aim of objective sequence."''
    Daniel Reuirnk - Metemphysics

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Best Poem of Daniel Reurink


I invoke thy self
Anoint my cup
Thereafter I am empty
Fulfill me with words

Alas! I am free
Once again I speak
Substance of matter
Formulating essence

Katushi, I am
I am from the nine
Of fallen angels and men
In the confederation I am

So such I harbor
These thoughts and words
Altering self
I consume

Meaning, logos, fate, chance
All are the same stance
Disorder of all set enhance
What is love but trance

Visions I speaketh
The vine producing
A beautiful grape
You are

So as I gleen you
I focus ...

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Indigo Children

move to the rhythm of the tide
Be central and the music fires
Live in peace control relief
Suspend in the moment time
Express the core as the fire and sun
Moving to the rhythm and tide
Loving grace compels no one
Live in the city inside
Dawn the age of the radiant one

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