Daniel Richards

Rookie (09-11-1982 / London, England)

Daniel Richards Poems

81. It Hurts To Say This But Your 11/13/2008
82. Self Deliverance 11/18/2008
83. The Hell Of H 11/19/2008
84. The Roses, Buttercups And Cocaine 11/21/2008
85. Deeply Seated 11/21/2008
86. Dan’s Head 11/21/2008
87. Stare Reaction 12/2/2008
88. Lying Becomes A Gambling Of Old Friends 12/10/2008
89. Another Younger One Has Gone 12/11/2008
90. God The Devil Are In Fact Me 12/11/2008
91. Love Through The Darkness 12/12/2008
92. I Am Me And This Is Why 12/12/2008
93. Pace 12/12/2008
94. Setting The Stage 12/15/2008
95. Dying Is Mot Much Of A Living When Your Young 10/15/2008
96. Just Say 10/15/2008
97. The Return 10/19/2008
98. The Desert 10/19/2008
99. Bipolar Fallout 10/9/2008
100. See Some Sense 12/22/2008
101. Driven (Episode 1) 12/24/2008
102. Underneath The Lies 2/10/2009
103. What’s The Time….? Ok Listen Up 2/11/2009
104. An Outcast's Findings 2/11/2009
105. To All My Brothers And All My Sisters 2/11/2009
106. Pit Stop At The Subconscious Station 2/16/2009
107. Take You There To Take Me There 2/16/2009
108. The Closed Doors Conundrum 2/16/2009
109. The Prince Of The Sun 1/5/2009
110. At The Bottom** 1/13/2009
111. *-Take You There To Take Me There-* 2/20/2009
112. /*-The Closed Doors Conundrum-*/ 2/20/2009
113. An Ode Too My Love – Part 1 3/5/2009
114. Forever And A Day 4/9/2009
115. Am I Someone You Can Get Used Too….. 4/16/2009
116. Cradles, Blankets And A New Frontier 4/23/2009
117. Time After Time 5/7/2009
118. Time After Time Part 2 5/7/2009
119. Dance All Night And Laugh All Day 5/7/2009
120. A Special World - Saying I Do (N/M) 5/7/2009
Best Poem of Daniel Richards

***the Day My Baby Brother Died***

I remember that dreadful morning,
Waking to the beast,
Time had stopped, the news reckless
A beautiful boy amazing but deceased
I heard my heart shatter and my soul screamed a cry
The couler the detail I remember like yesterday
But I just wished I’d I said a final goodbye,

Ruthless pain i hide so deep inside,
I wish I could take you just once
With me for a ride,
Because I don’t remember if I even held you,
And now I cant even call you, or even hear your voice,
But I need to tell you i still love you
And yes I know I need to let go, but I ...

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**pink Ribbon Black**

I’m a restless and corrupted one
Hoping for eternal darkness
And an end to they bright shining sun

I’m tearfully dry, embroiled by fear
Trapped inside my tired mind
Cold mountains close in and harshness is here

My sun set, back so many years

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