Daniel Richards

Rookie (09-11-1982 / London, England)

Daniel Richards Poems

121. Alone 5/7/2009
122. Darling 5/7/2009
123. Everything Is Broken 5/7/2009
124. I Don’t Wanna 5/7/2009
125. Im Running From My Failing Foundations 5/7/2009
126. Until That Hour Chimed And The Final Day Was Over 5/7/2009
127. And It’s Here Underneath These Lies I'Ve Crept 5/7/2009
128. Tracing Teachers Footsteps 5/7/2009
129. There Goes Your Mouth Sitting In Its Little Wrinkled Chair 5/7/2009
130. Is It All Because We Wanted To Be Free…? 5/8/2009
131. Resentful, Hatred 1/2/2009
132. The Reigning Snow 3/2/2009
133. Lately I’ve Been Hard Too Reach 5/8/2009
134. I Carried On As A Wayward One 5/11/2009
135. Heated Mistaken Moments 5/12/2009
136. The Land Contortion And Distortion 5/12/2009
137. Brings Me Love 5/19/2009
138. Will There Be A Place For Me In Heaven 5/19/2009
139. I Beat Her 5/19/2009
140. Oh I Wish We Could Be Falling In Love 5/20/2009
141. Mismash 5/20/2009
142. Lord, I Was Born A Saddened Man 5/22/2009
143. Mirrored Heart Of Truth 5/7/2009
144. A Woman’s Most, Salacious Dream 5/12/2009
145. Oh It’s Such A Beautiful Thing 5/26/2009
146. Tick Tock Knock Knock Tick (Unfinished) 5/27/2009
147. I Thought You Was My Friend 6/2/2009
148. Moments, Moments 6/2/2009
149. Romeos Party 6/3/2009
150. Whats Going On (At The Home Of The Living Dead) 8/25/2009
151. Sweetest Hate 8/26/2009
152. I Opened Up My Eyes 8/26/2009
153. Choked Breath 8/28/2009
154. Reaching The Heights Of This Dreamed Of World 8/28/2009
155. Addicted Addiction 8/28/2009
156. I’m Standing On The Threshold 8/28/2009
157. Who Was It? (R.I.P Micheal Jackson) 7/7/2009
158. Rain Falling On Your Soul 7/10/2009
159. Forever In The Heavens Above Tonight 8/6/2009
160. Then I Thought Of You 8/28/2009
Best Poem of Daniel Richards

***the Day My Baby Brother Died***

I remember that dreadful morning,
Waking to the beast,
Time had stopped, the news reckless
A beautiful boy amazing but deceased
I heard my heart shatter and my soul screamed a cry
The couler the detail I remember like yesterday
But I just wished I’d I said a final goodbye,

Ruthless pain i hide so deep inside,
I wish I could take you just once
With me for a ride,
Because I don’t remember if I even held you,
And now I cant even call you, or even hear your voice,
But I need to tell you i still love you
And yes I know I need to let go, but I ...

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*gateway Differences*

We where spinning into darkness
The ropes had become undone
Wrestling with our restlessness
The truth began to unravel & soon would be undone

Drawing on my selfishness
I ducked my head and run
From the fiery waves appalling
Igniting from our lying sun

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