Daniel Scenters

Rookie (1983 / United States)

Biography of Daniel Scenters

Daniel was born in 1983, in the United States. He never was the one for reading, or writing-he hated both with a passion that had not an end in sight. It wasn't until he was almost nineteen-years-old that he embraced a gift that he sought for, and discovered. The first poem he would ever write, entitled 'No More Pain', never made it into any of this self-published books; and has only been read by a few number of people since he wrote it six years ago.

Daniel owned and ran the poetry website, Eternal Seeds Publishing, from 2004-2007 before shutting it down in late 2007. Since he has written a lot of poetry, but only complied some that he put together and called Black Sunday. He has not put together anymore e-books of his work since finishing BS in December '07. But, Daniel is currently writing a new e-book of poetry: 'Wishmaster', that he plans to self-release on February 16,2008: the anniversary of when he wrote his first ever poem.

Daniel Scenters's Works:

(Self-published books) : Truth: Reflections Of The Spirit (2002) : Jaded Earth (2003) : Eternal Seeds (2004) : Anathema (2004) : Antemortem Philosophy (2005) : Eye Of The Beholder (2005) : Meditative Enlightenment (2005) : Hammered Nails (2006) : Black Angel (2006) : A Place Of Black Roses (2006) : Black Sunday (2007): Wishmaster (2008)

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I gaze into the broad, fading blue,
And I find nothing I’m searching for.
A prayer of desperation I recite,
Longing to reunite what I knew,
But no wind for my kite, no water on shore.

Eyelids of my eyes grow so heavy,
And the surrounding world slowly fades.
As I walk the fields without my sight,

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