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As a newly published author I have always enjoyed writing, especially through expressing my thoughts in poems. Recently my youngest son has felt inspired to write his own poetry and place it here on poemhunter and has given me the encouragement to do the same. The collection of poems that will be added here are a reflection of my life's journey with writing. Please feel free to check out my books blog page at http: //thegiftdetails.blogspot.ca/ and my poems blog at http: //giftofpoems.blogspot.ca/ My hope is to never be too old to write at least one more poem.

Daniel Sweetnam's Works:

The Gift

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The Lonely Wooden Pew

This lonely wooden pew
Is where I sit and make my stand
I dream that I'm a warrior
Fighting at God's command

A thousand enormous battles
Are nothing for me to win
Because I trust in Christ my Savior
I've given everything to Him

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