daniela guerrero

Biography of daniela guerrero

my name is daniela and im 19 years young.
born in decemeber 26th,1991.
i have 1 younger brother who is 16.
i love to read, write, play piano, play with photography, work out, and go to work. im funny, outgoing, get along with people easily, i dont play sports but i still play them for fun. i get inspired by anything or anything that comes to my mind i write it down before it leaves.

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December Snowflakes

the cold wind brushed against my face
makes me not want to leave this place
so peaceful and quiet
i wonder what makes the snow white?
i stick out my tongue and catch little snowflakes
watch them dissipate
the sun falls asleep until the summer
what a bummer
the December moon arrives to take its place

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