Daniella Lujan

Rookie (November 6,1988. / Pirmasins, Germany)

Biography of Daniella Lujan

I am 18 years old, Hispanic, and an ARMY brat. I love to read the classics, and am fascinated by different languages like French, German, Italian, and Latin. I consider reading to be a compulsion to me. The same goes with writing, another insatiable trait.

Personally, I view poetry as a way to relieve myself of pent up emotions, and to describe the beauty of life. As well as the tragedy when I can find no other way to explicate my tumultuous thoughts. I like to read other people's poetry, whether they're recognized or not, so that's why I like this cite.

Daniella Lujan's Works:

Zip zero. I'm a senior in highschool, the most I've done is won poetry competitions and money for it. I write stories online for practice...that's about it.

^_~ guess you have to wait!

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Just the words as are perceived-
Should be seen by thee in light of day;
Words are not tokens by and by
Instead should be taken as less-

Than eye perceives.
It is that glint that made thee doubt,
And think winged flurries were about…
But such was not to be, as ‘tis this note

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