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Im not a very good poet, but i really do try, but somedays i cant write a single line.My poems are normally about what i feel that day and the feelings have to be real strong for the words to come out the right way.For the past two days ive been on a role, spilling my heart about a loved one i still hold, even though they have let me go.
I hope i can write many more poems and i hope you like them.

Danielle Moll's Works:

No published books yet but i have note books fullof my words that hopefully will be put out one day for the world to read.

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Everyday i see you
And everyday this hurt intensifies
As i try to keep these feelings inside
Everyday is harder
Because everyday i see you there
Smiling your beautiful smile
Flipping your pretty hair
I try everything in my power just not to stare
Or look into your eyes

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