Danielle Ward

Rookie (1991 / Liverpool)

Biography of Danielle Ward

Born in Liverpool, I lead a busy but inspirationally-boring life, so when it comes to ideas I usually write my poems about books I've read and films I've seen, where the thoughts, emotions and feelings are far more easy to understand than in real life, and the characters far more interesting. Sometimes I delve into the depths of my own life for inspiration, but only on rare occasions, particularly as I have very little interesting to write about me, and besides, most of my life is spent in the fictional world of literature, music and art!

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The Rainbow That Cries.

The river is clean, rippled, liquid glass,
I see a reflection that is not my own.
A mirror, a ghost of you. Me.
The world has not changed -
The trees still reach with yearning arms towards the empty sky.
The wind still moans, tired, losing it's way.
There is still a day. Still a night.
Still time that tumbles, carries me away, too fast,
A pulse too fast to live.

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