Dannais dde Daneann

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Biography of Dannais dde Daneann

Dannais is writing in Russian, English and Serbian.
She is working every day, writing at least a line in her novels or starting a new poem.
Her genres are fantasy, romantic, adventure, ironic, Gothic fiction, symbolism, mystic, sometimes with science fiction, history, detective fiction. She also write children's literature and fairy tales.
Now she is starting to write psychological novels.
She also write lyrics for songs. Dannais is an author of lyrics for such songs as: For Elise, ? ????? ??????????? ???? (I love country's nights) , ???????? ????? ?????? (The blizzard of white bird cherry) , first russian text for traditional Serbian song Tamo daleko (There so far) and other.
Her other pen names are: Axinia D. Davydova, Xena von Davydoff.

Dannais is recognized in Marquis Who's Who (as Axinia D. Davydova (her other pen name)) since 2012.

Dannais was member of International Guild of Writers - Internationale Schriftstellergilde - ????????????? ??????? ?????????
She is Founder and president of International Federation of Creative People.

Dannais dde Daneann's Works:

'Sozvuchiye Muz-2012' ('The Consonance of Muses-2012' - Russian-germany literary almanac, publisher 'Stella Verlag')
'Sozvuchiye Muz-2013' (The Consonance of Muses-2013 - Russian-germany literary almanac, publisher 'Stella Verlag')
'Novy Renessans' 2012-2013 ('New Renaissance' - Russian-germany literary journal, publisher 'Stella Verlag')

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A Returned Love

When I met you, all former feelings
In my dead heart became alive.
My soul has gained undreamed-of healings
It wants the golden time revive.

Like in the autumn late sometimes
It can be day, it can be flash,
Which us returns in spring day primes
When all was like the river splash.

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