Danny Ballan

Rookie (1981)

Danny Ballan Poems

1. I Cannot Run With You 5/29/2014
2. Be Crazy 5/29/2014
3. Leave Me Unleashed 5/29/2014
4. Soprano 5/29/2014
5. Stop Staring 5/29/2014
6. Stop Talking 5/29/2014
7. Penelope Crying 6/9/2013
8. Caught In The Mad Trance 6/10/2013
9. A Book And A Woman 5/29/2014
10. If 7/21/2014
11. I Could Not Afford To Love You 7/21/2014
12. Woman 7/21/2014
13. Come To Me 7/21/2014
14. Death 7/21/2014
15. She Told Me 7/21/2014
16. When Love Comes Young 7/21/2014
17. No More 7/21/2014
18. I'Ve Missed You 7/21/2014
19. Sad Girl 7/21/2014
20. Harmony 7/21/2014
21. Roller Coaster Ride 7/21/2014
22. Through A Man's Child's Eyes 7/21/2014
23. How Can I Describe? 7/21/2014
24. Running Forward 7/21/2014
25. You Gave Me A Friend 7/21/2014
26. Got Eyes But Not To See 7/21/2014
27. Wouldn'T You 7/21/2014
28. The Truth I Never Told 7/21/2014
29. On Your Way Go 7/21/2014
30. Tick Tuck 7/21/2014
31. Little Bird 7/21/2014
32. I Am Nothing 7/21/2014
33. A Morning Street Scene 7/21/2014
34. I Am Not Old 5/29/2014
35. For If You Go 6/12/2013
36. The Rain 5/29/2014
37. A House On Fire 7/21/2014
38. Being A Woman 6/7/2013

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Best Poem of Danny Ballan

Being A Woman

One time I said it was you I loved,
And all the threads of my life were drawn.
I never said it in a way that I bluffed,
and for once no lies carried my life on.

The picture I had for what you once were,
And the dreams I had every day of my life;
And I would wake up in delight and ere
The sunrise I would imagine I was you wife.

And the long journeys I took trespassing my being shy
To ever imagine how it would feel in your arms
An embrace I would trade for the earth and sky,
And would live by what these moments brought of charms.

And sitting ...

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Caught In The Mad Trance

Stop or get caught in the mad trance;
For none in there really understands
What they stand for and what they do;
For mostly in every chaos found in you,
There is a long line of questions waiting-
Lying in a core rooted in oblivion.

For a child’s laugh in your eyes;
For the once clear bright skies;

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