Danny Ballan

Rookie (1981)

Danny Ballan Poems

1. I Cannot Run With You 5/29/2014
2. Be Crazy 5/29/2014
3. Leave Me Unleashed 5/29/2014
4. Soprano 5/29/2014
5. Stop Staring 5/29/2014
6. Stop Talking 5/29/2014
7. Penelope Crying 6/9/2013
8. Caught In The Mad Trance 6/10/2013
9. A Book And A Woman 5/29/2014
10. If 7/21/2014
11. I Could Not Afford To Love You 7/21/2014
12. Woman 7/21/2014
13. Come To Me 7/21/2014
14. Death 7/21/2014
15. She Told Me 7/21/2014
16. When Love Comes Young 7/21/2014
17. No More 7/21/2014
18. I'Ve Missed You 7/21/2014
19. Sad Girl 7/21/2014
20. Harmony 7/21/2014
21. Roller Coaster Ride 7/21/2014
22. Through A Man's Child's Eyes 7/21/2014
23. How Can I Describe? 7/21/2014
24. Running Forward 7/21/2014
25. You Gave Me A Friend 7/21/2014
26. Got Eyes But Not To See 7/21/2014
27. Wouldn'T You 7/21/2014
28. The Truth I Never Told 7/21/2014
29. On Your Way Go 7/21/2014
30. Tick Tuck 7/21/2014
31. Little Bird 7/21/2014
32. I Am Nothing 7/21/2014
33. A Morning Street Scene 7/21/2014
34. I Am Not Old 5/29/2014
35. For If You Go 6/12/2013
36. The Rain 5/29/2014
37. A House On Fire 7/21/2014
38. Being A Woman 6/7/2013

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Best Poem of Danny Ballan

Being A Woman

One time I said it was you I loved,
And all the threads of my life were drawn.
I never said it in a way that I bluffed,
and for once no lies carried my life on.

The picture I had for what you once were,
And the dreams I had every day of my life;
And I would wake up in delight and ere
The sunrise I would imagine I was you wife.

And the long journeys I took trespassing my being shy
To ever imagine how it would feel in your arms
An embrace I would trade for the earth and sky,
And would live by what these moments brought of charms.

And sitting ...

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Penelope Crying

Have you gone there, and there you have forgotten
That every day away from you is nothing short of hell?
Have the roses ceased to blossom, their scent been rotten?
Is the news of your glory true that you rose up high and fell?
Is it true there’s no more love in your heart to be given?
Is it true the world has ceased to move; no more stories to tell?

I don’t believe their stories nor all their nasty lies.
I am the one who lies every day on the side of the ocean;

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