Danny The Dreamer Boyd

Danny The Dreamer Boyd Poems

161. Fade To Black 5/12/2018
162. The Other Guy Anew 5/19/2018
163. In Your Shoes 5/20/2018
164. Unkissed 5/26/2018
165. Coming To Terms 6/18/2018
166. Wasted Wishes 7/15/2018
167. Backdoor To My Heart 8/2/2018
168. One Step Too Far 4/23/2012
169. Angry 11/14/2014
170. Preacher 8/6/2013
171. The Flying Dutchman ' Lost In A Crimson Horizon ' 3/9/2012
172. Diaries Of A Schizophrenic Narcissist 4/24/2013
173. Long Lost Love ' This Ain'T A Poem, This Is Just A Sad Song ' 3/9/2012
174. Tabula Rasa ' The Dreamless Dreams And Hopeless Hopes Of The Dead ' 3/9/2012
175. 7 Ballads Of The Fall: The Man With The Wax Wings ' I Seek For More ' 3/9/2012
176. I Will Always Love You ' There Was Nothing Harder Than Waving Goodbye ' 3/9/2012
177. My Heart On My Sleeve 10/27/2012
178. Curtains Close ' When We Say Goodbye, If We Said Goodbye ' 3/9/2012
179. 7 Ballads Of The Fall: The Stranded Samurai ' Fame Falls In The Shades ' 3/9/2012
180. Strangers 3/1/2015
181. This Is Not Goodbye 5/14/2013
182. Darker Days 4/2/2012
183. 7 Ballads Of The Fall: The Knight In The Shiny Armor ' Grant Me A Wish ' 3/9/2012
184. Roll With The Punches 1/5/2018
185. Goodbye 7/7/2018
186. Heartbreak Town 6/24/2012
187. One-Night Stands 6/21/2013
188. Simple Man 12/3/2014
189. Au Revoir 10/23/2015
190. Seesome 8/25/2017
191. Sweet Release 5/1/2018
192. Silent Watcher 2/8/2013
193. Letting Go 4/19/2018

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Letting Go

I wish I'd known we'd wind up letting go,
I would've saved myself one more heartbreak;
Why would you think I'd like the same mistake?
I told you I despise the dance with woe:
I'm nauseous still from all the to and fro;
My soul is sore: —I've put my heart at stake! —
I sense the losses squash it like a snake;
I wish our yesterdays would leave me so…
I wished, I wish, I'll wish, and wish again,
Yet oft I wake with sorrow still with me:
I'm sick and tired of my unanswered prayer!
It's overdue for me to break the chain: —
A captain lost, ‘n an old ...

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Happily Never After

It starts with a girl on an island
In the middle of the sea;
Shouting, screaming, and praying
'God, please, just take me! '

Yet we wonder what it is all about!
And what happened was:
'There is no more us.' he did shout,
After throwing her out of his life, with his claws.

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