Danny The Dreamer Boyd

Danny The Dreamer Boyd Quotes

  • ''No one answer is ever the answer.''
    Danny the Dreamer Boyd, Random Quotes,12/15/2013.
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  • ''I'm too open minded that I don't know what to mind anymore.''
    Danny the Dreamer Boyd, Random Quotes,12/09/2013.
  • ''Headaches are for sloths as hangovers for drunks.''
    Danny the Dreamer Boyd, Random Quotes,01/20/2014.
  • ''Immortality entails not Invincibility.''
    Danny the Dreamer Boyd, Random Quotes,05/25/2014.
  • ''It's not the mask that makes the hero.''
    Danny the Dreamer Boyd, Random Quotes,06/26/2014.
  • ''Life is a joke and if you're not laughing, you're being laughed at.''
    Danny the Dreamer Boyd, Random Quotes,07/15/2015.
  • ''Without purpose, we're zombies aimlessly roaming the earth.''
    Danny the Dreamer Boyd, Random Quotes,08/21/2015.
  • ''The only difference between fiction and religion is that people don't kill themselves over fiction.''
    Danny the Dreamer Boyd, Random Quotes,08/22/2015.
  • ''You only reveal your game plan when you know you're winning, or losing.''
    Danny the Dreamer Boyd, Random Quotes,09/10/2015.
  • ''It's ironic how your comfort zone can be tiring sometimes.''
    Danny the Dreamer Boyd, Random Quotes,09/28/2015.

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Best Poem of Danny The Dreamer Boyd

Letting Go

I wish I'd known we'd wind up letting go,
I would've saved myself one more heartbreak;
Why would you think I'd like the same mistake?
I told you I despise the dance with woe:
I'm nauseous still from all the to and fro;
My soul is sore: —I've put my heart at stake! —
I sense the losses squash it like a snake;
I wish our yesterdays would leave me so…
I wished, I wish, I'll wish, and wish again,
Yet oft I wake with sorrow still with me:
I'm sick and tired of my unanswered prayer!
It's overdue for me to break the chain: —
A captain lost, ‘n an old ...

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Coming To Terms

It's shameful when you don't know what you want,
Then whine that you feel lonesome and depressed;
How many a time have you sweet love suppressed,
And sold romance out for a passing jaunt?
You're not the only one past ghosts do haunt,
And taunt with futures make-believe, unblessed,
Then leave you lying out of bliss, undressed—
Oh, life is wasted when in sadness spent!
I'd like to say again, "Just take my hand."

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