Dare Onadele

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Dare Onadele Quotes

  • ''If you can't build don't destroy and if you can't create don't kill as even your own sustenance might depend on these others effort.''
    Support others to succeed.
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  • ''I have grown up to see three kinds of people in the business world: the first are very creative and daring to start up a business; the second are not very creative or daring but diligent and caring to help sustain such business; and the third are those always waiting for the right time to copy either sides.''
    Stand up to do something now as there is no such thing as the right time
  • ''Mass media is as a demigod assuming infallible mouth. We remember not to be as dogma but with choosy ears.''
    Mass media should work on only spreading the truth but knowing this may not always be possible, we should be careful and verify all we hear.
  • ''The only difference between a man's life result be-low or be-yond expectation is the amount of effort put into working out his to-be.''
    We need to make effort to become the man we aspire to be
  • ''Mentoring does not mean mentees aren't also great chaps. It is that the mentor is perceived greater at that time and expected to utilize that benefit of doubt.''
    Everyone's got greatness in them but we may need to learn to perfect it.
  • ''The reason why the being in 'human being' is present continuous is because what man does continually now can make him perfect if he doesn't give up.''
    Habitual action may lead to perfection.
  • ''The reason why the being in 'human being' is present continuous is because man can only be perfect in what he does continuously now if he doesn't give up.''
    Habitual action may lead to perfection.
  • ''I have missed out on many things that I've regretted in my life. So I won't make not enjoying this my moment and season to be one of them''
    Everyday is worth enjoying as we may regret afterwards when we fail to make it memorable.
  • ''Life could be reckless. So when it throws at you shit, take it, use it as manure as you sow in tears and you'll be glad to reap your apples in joy.''
    We can't choose somethings we have as our portion in life. But that doesn't matter like whatsoever we do with that we're posed with. Psalm 126: 5
  • ''What we are searching for out of life determines what we live for: gut, gold, God.''
    Our values, our life.

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Best Poem of Dare Onadele

I Pray For You

With Jesus Christ's name
In whom I lay strong claim
I pray and say with fame
Through the faith I proclaim
Doing miracles for you, too, the same.

May you reap all the good you sow
No cause for you to be in sorrow
God's armour shall be your own
Mercy you shall have from his throne.
He shall strengthen your body, soul and bone.

Coolness for you like the early stream
Happy you shall be like the Lilly on the sea.
Joy to your great heart esteem
The wind shall blow as you need
And the sun for you shall not exceed.

You shall have God's favor ...

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Make The Difference

I may speak of innovations
You make the discoveries
I speak of new changes
You be the change
I may speak of national challenges
You be the courageous statesman
I may speak of national corruption
You be the national reliable treasurer
I may speak..speak

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