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Allure me with your eyes
Your smile is so orgasmic
Cover my lips
Grab my hand

I prayed to have a better understanding for people around me and myself.
I prayed to find myself more because I once offered so much of myself,
I lost who I am for quite a bit.
I'm glad I'm regaining who I am again.

Have you ever felt dead
On the inside?
Just empty
Like nothing was there

When your text came in
My eyes brightened up
Like a diamond in a crowd of pearls
You had me mesmerized

Sometimes I want you to notice me
And sometimes I want you to vanish
It's like a constant battle of Tom and Jerry
Or two knives brought to a gun fight

Some days it's hard to smile
It's hard to show your teeth
And pretend everything is okay
Some days my smile is genuine

When I kiss you
I taste regrets
Regretful thoughts and spirits
As you touch me in spots

Who am I?
I'm a light bulb waiting to shine
But I'm still dim
Dim to the world

I called on you when i needed help
You looked at your phone and stared
You stared
Like it was a roach on a wall

You out there with your friends
While I'm laid up in bed
Waiting on you
Time is passing

Pay attention
I'm want your time
Mind body and soul
Pay attention to me

Silence is what I hear in a crowded room
It's like wondering in a grave sight
I hear whispers
Whispers yelling

In a red pick up truck
Near Santa Monica Pier
Not giving a care who's watching

Who are you dialing
Is it the bitch next door
There's no one to dial

This poem is for you
Drown in a river
Get stung by eels
Scream for your life

Sweet honey from a bees nest
Splattered across your chest
In the shape of a hook
The hook that's stabbed into

Rated R
Coffee hot
Pornhub worthy
There's no title

I know you are bad
Like a cold sore
Why is the sex so

You look so good
Sitting over there
As I stare

Curly hair
Nappy hair
Straight hair
A fro

Darien Trask Biography

Darien Trask was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is best-known for his debut book, The Invitation Light: Find Your Strengths At All Cost, which garnered attention and positive feedback amongst people of ages 18-51. He is also a poet and children's author, Noah: A Poetry Collection & The Miracle Behind the Clouds. He has won an author award, Best Book: Drama in 2017, as well as, being nominated for a few other author awards including New Author on the Rise and Author of the Summer. His website is www.authordarientrask.com.

The Best Poem Of Darien Trask

Every Night By Darien

Allure me with your eyes
Your smile is so orgasmic
Cover my lips
Grab my hand
Take me to the bedroom
Tonight is your night
Whichever route you want to take
I'm sure a blessing will happen
Your unique beauty is art to me
Something I never gazed my eyes on
A charismatic artist
I just hit the jackpot
My prize is you
Can't place a price on beauty
Not when I have the definition of distinctive
Right in front my eyes
Thank you
Your love is a train wreck
But I'm recklessly falling into you
Dim the lights, the show is about to begin
Starring ME
With my leading co-star

Darien Trask Comments

Tory T 18 January 2022

I seen him perform in Los Angeles a few years ago & he was magnificent. We need more poems Darien.

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Ashley Ash 16 January 2022

Love him. His play on words is outstanding! Great job young man.

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Darien Trask Quotes

I can be anything I want to be in this world regardless of my skin complexion, gender, sexuality, etc. Society will never have the power to label me or place me in this box where they think I belong. Society doesn't determine who I am or where I am bound to go, I, MYSELF, DETERMINE WHO I AM AND WHERE I'M GOING! This is my life and I have full,100 percent control over it. -Darien Trask

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