Darius Fields

Biography of Darius Fields

I am not a strange person but rather a unique person.I live in a quit neighborhood but I grow up in a drug fulled enviroment.When I write i feel myself slip away from society into a world that I created with my words alone.Growing up in Baltimore is not easy or anything I would wish on anyone.It has its peaceful places to go to escape all of its problems but you have to go through hell to get there.All in a nutshell I not just a regular poet, I breath what I create.Its as much a part of me as life is itself.

Darius Fields's Works:

none as of yet but i am working on that.

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A Psalm

Close Close I am to an answer

Sway Sway away to what thouest heart desires

For its on fire I want to be so willest thou lite my soul ablaze
engite the flames of knowledge so I may get closer to the answer I seek

Oh enternal lord God oh mighty my soul dus hunger for thy fire, God only thouest have the answers to what I seek