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Well were to start... I guess at the beginning I've been doing poetry for a long time but not in a good way it's all ways been depressing poetry my mum calls me her mini Edgar Allen Poe I guess the resean I started was because of all the stuff that happened here's a bit compressed I've had three dads in my life my first and true dad who saw me born than basically left the second got drunk beat my mum and left tried taking him with us but thankfully my mum wouldn't let him and the third was a beater ive nearly died many times got hit by a car when I was 13 and lost a year of my education trying to recover my memory is rubbish I can barley remember my child hood years due to epilepsy which I was diagnosed with at five I had 35-40 seizures a day then it went away at 12 and came back at fifteen with vengeance on top of that I have bipolar and asbergers: / that's only the main stuff but then there's the boys that have screwed me over manipulated me to use me I may seem strong but I am a very venerable girl who treated wrong could flip at any minute and become suicidal because of what you done my poetry comes truly from the heart and soul it comes really from what I feel.... So please read If your really interested in reading my story and about how I feel...

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I have no published books but I'm in course of writing one would appreciate any help :)

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In the night I walk alone
No home to call my own
Round and round I wander
Till the earth becomes the sky
Though demons taunt me angels call me,
As I fall down down down awander
Few loves I have had
Few lives have scorned me
But yet I still love them all

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